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Is McCafé a Sign of The Apocalypse?

Monday, February 26th, 2007

No, it is just another expensive attempt by McDonald’s to bogart a trend. They did it with pizza. They did it with salad. Now they are bringing the McDonald’s touch to café culture.

There is a new McCafé near me. I walked in to check it out. It is very, very brown. I plan on sampling some of their products soon.

I am curious as to whether they are offering this franchise as an add on for all successful restaurants. My guess would be that they are mostly targeting Starbucks free pockets of the World.

Hold the phone, they have been building McCafes for years. I don’t think I have ever seen one before this nearby one opened up. The top ranking page in a Google search is for the franchises in Ireland. After that come Brazil, New Zealand, Denmark… are you seeing a trend? I am going to try to do some search terms to find out What countries are Starbucks free…

Ireland has 10 Starbucks retail stores. Brazil is not on the scroll down on the Starbucks store locator. New Zealand has 12 stores. Denmark is the same as Brazil.

How many Starbucks are in the USA?

Counter source, Mr. X

Google Gets Aggressive in the Video Arena

Monday, February 26th, 2007

The New York Times is reporting that Google has BIG plans to to distribute content from Dow Jones & Co. (DJ), Sony BMG Music Entertainment and other large concerns.

News like this gets reported in a unique sort of way because it involves the media that is reporting it. Dow Jones owns the Times.

I hope that a deal with Sony BMG will make some of my favorite music acts more available online.



iPhone Name Dispute Settled

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

Just to be different, I am going to tell this story in chronological order. Infogear applied for the a trademarking of the name iPhone back in 1995. At that time, I had my father-in-laws old Apple II set up at my house. I could print out Garfield banners, process words…um…all kinds of cool stuff.

Infogear didn’t make anything that was particularly cool (sorry guys) and they ended up being bought by Cisco in 2001. By that time, I was on teh internets with a vengeance. On dial-up, I can’t remember if I knew what I was missing.

I did not have a mobile phone until 2005. I simply didn’t need one until then. I think people should still be asking themselves whether or not they need one. Around this time, Apple was already touting the name iPhone as the most likely name for there revolutionary new cell phone.

Cisco knew that their ownership of the iPhone name was pretty fortuitous, they waited until late 2006 to attach it to some actual products. These were Linksys Voip products. I am not a corporate lawyer, but I am guessing that there may be some sort of use it or lose it precedents.

Many observers the dispute would be all about money. They had to wonder when the two companies, rather than fighting in the media and in court, just kept talking and talking.

The word is out now. There is some kind of agreement that involves interoperability. This is interesting given how steadfastly Apple protects its trade secrets.

iPhones are set to ship soon. The word is they ROCK.