Is McCafé a Sign of The Apocalypse?

No, it is just another expensive attempt by McDonald’s to bogart a trend. They did it with pizza. They did it with salad. Now they are bringing the McDonald’s touch to café culture.

There is a new McCafé near me. I walked in to check it out. It is very, very brown. I plan on sampling some of their products soon.

I am curious as to whether they are offering this franchise as an add on for all successful restaurants. My guess would be that they are mostly targeting Starbucks free pockets of the World.

Hold the phone, they have been building McCafes for years. I don’t think I have ever seen one before this nearby one opened up. The top ranking page in a Google search is for the franchises in Ireland. After that come Brazil, New Zealand, Denmark… are you seeing a trend? I am going to try to do some search terms to find out What countries are Starbucks free…

Ireland has 10 Starbucks retail stores. Brazil is not on the scroll down on the Starbucks store locator. New Zealand has 12 stores. Denmark is the same as Brazil.

How many Starbucks are in the USA?

Counter source, Mr. X

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