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More Data Than You Can Shake A Brick At

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

I have a somewhat complicated and relatively pricey connection to the internet. Broadband and DSL combined using a HOTBRICK Dual WAN Firewall Router. We haven’t been tweaking it that much because it was such a steep learning curve to get it operational.


My impression is that you can’t expect to get very good support from your ISP(s) for this kind of thing, because they don’t know how their competition works in detail. One guy basically told my wife that it was just NOT possible to set up a combined redundant service. That was all the motivation she needed to get it to work.

With all this going on, I expected Joost to work like a charm. I have had a few brief shining moments of good functionality, but by and large my Joosting has been a wash. I cannot be sure that it is my internet speed that is limiting my enjoyment, but I suspect that it is.

Technorati Tagging

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

I have been remiss with my tagging of blog posts. I may look into tools that can save time and effort.

I used to just have a notepad file with all of my most commonly used tags. Technorati has changed the code for tags recently so that they display a small image.

Quid Pro Quo

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

The blogosphere may have a greater relevance on the internet in part because of all the back scratching that goes on among bloggers. Some of the exchanging of incoming links is a very organic. Just people talking about people.

I have probably given Perez Hilton a half dozen over the last few months and I don’t even like him. He probably will never link to me, unless I have an affair with Doogie Howser. I saw him on a trailer for Harold and Kumar go to White Castle and I have decided that he is not gay, it’s all just a publicity stunt.

Some linking that has relevant content is actually very organized. There are Blogging Carnivals. A host blog is linked to from a banner that particpants embed on their blogs. The participants make a blog post that is relevant to a chosen theme and the host links to everyone’s blog posts. This does in fact generate traffic. It improves Alexa rank.