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Why Some Scams Sound So Convincing

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

I am not going to get into specifics and name names with this post. I just want to relate something to you in the form o a story.

I spend part of my day looking through a plethora of WAH job postings and publishing suitable ones on a website. Some posting that show up in the feeds are obviously scams. Exclamation marks are usually a dead giveaway and, sadly the word legitimate is also a red flag.

Some postings look perfectly good and I only find out when I follow the links that they end up at a site that is just designed to generate adsense money. I was suspicious that some of these postings were copy and pasting text from real jobs elsewhere to be more effective. My suspicions were confirmed when I saw one with a paragraph from OUR site. Grrrr…

Losing Traffic

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

I had an interest in a certain minor web celebrity over the course of the last couple of years. I just recently took note of the fact that I was ignoring him. That made me start thinking about how you can do something that works as far as entertaining people and generating traffic and you can think you are doing everything right and then ***POOF*** your audience disappears.

I think a lot of the time the forces behind this phenomenon are beyond our control.

I think the weird story line that seems to be going on on lonelygirl15 is a desperate attempt to avoid the downward trend. I don’t watch, but the titles and thumbnails are enough to show the desperation pretty clearly.

Subvert… Profit… Repeat as Necessary

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

The Black Opp known as Subvert and Profit admits to having suffered a setback when many of its users had their Digg accounts suspended for misuse.

They are not deterred though, the recent post in their blog states that 70% of its users are back in business with new accounts.

If Disney wasn’t such a bear about copyright, I would have used the picture of Winnie attributing all his troubles to his love of honey. The method that Digg used to find the subversive users is commonly referred to as a Honey Pot.