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Dugg: Too Much of a Good Thing

Thursday, May 31st, 2007


I read a blog post recently by someone that got Dugg to Death after publishing a list of their 100 favourite Wordpress themes.

People who are using Digg and other similar services in an effort to drive traffic can either accept the risk of server overload, or they can prepare for it by appending a string from Coral to the URL that they are submitting for digging. This is a peer to peer type of thing that allows you to access cached content from wherever it might exist on the network.

The Position ‘as Been Filled ???

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007


The man in the centre is most probably who George W. Bush is picking as the new Head of the World Bank. Hopefully the dollar won’t drop to a new low of Tuppence a Bag.

His name is Robert Zoellick. He is qualified for the position. The other people in the picture are actors. They were never even shortlisted for the position.

Reaping the Benefits of Paranoia

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

I’ve told the tale of the title of this blog before. It is the legacy of a business idea that didn’t have legs. I have noticed after blogging with this this URL for several months that a lot of my traffic comes from people operating sites to which I have linked. I am now curious about how many visitors were worried that I was posting something negative about them.

I am not a negative person by nature.

In the interest of benefit reaping though, I am going to link to a couple of the most interesting bloggers that I have come across in recent weeks. When Mr. Fabulous isn’t misquoting Edie Brickell, he is busy pushing the envelope in much the same way that a dung beetle pushes its food cache. In other words he is funny and irreverant, and his posts draw comments like…oh that’s right, I have a strict one metaphor per paragraph rule now.

Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in. I choose to be as apolitical as possible, but I can be easily drawn in by engaging debate if I stumble upon it. I was trying to blissfully unaware of the political goings on in my native land of Canada, but I foolishly took a look at I would like to take this moment to publicly out him as revenge for his making me think about Stephen Harper.

Burned by the Man
is a blog that set the bar really really low and then pooped on it. The level of discourse is vulgar and unreasonable by design, the point of this drivel is to generate traffic. Speaking as someone who is not easily offended, I will say this..I’m a little bit offended. The content is actually funny about 15% of the time.

There is no common thread between these blogs, aside from the probability that the bloggers are, to some degree self-conscious, and may check out this blog to see what exactly I am saying about them. And they may keep a close watch to see if I say anything else about them.