iPhone: Great Expectations

expectations.JPGiPhone will have the largest screen of any phone ever. iPhone will have an operating system with the intuitive seamless feel that Apple is famous for. iPhone will not make you feel a deep sense of personal fulfillment. Well, it might… if you are Steve Jobs.

I just read that one function of the phone, making a phone call, takes several steps. That is being pointed to as a disadvantage. I am not so sure that it is. I lend my phone to the kids when they walk dogs for the local SPCA. Once a jumping dog managed to press the call button three times while it was in my kid’s pocket and a call was made to my house. My son was at home and apparently had a 2 minute, 50 cent conversation with a pocket. I like the slide to unlock feature of the iPhone. I wouldn’t be lending any future iPhone to my kids when they walk dogs.

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