How to Spread the Truth About the Kimkins Diet Controversy

A quick Google search for Kimkins, Kimkins diet, or Kimkins weight loss is all it takes to see how pervasive the marketing machine is. It’s hard for low carb newbies and other dieters to make an informed decision if they don’t know about the raging controversy surrounding Kimkins and its elusive self-appointed guru, Kimmer.

You can help change this! Here are some things you can do to make sure that Internet searchers get to read more than just promotional affiliate advertising about the Kimkins diet:

  1. Using the phrases Kimkins, Kimkins diet or Kimkins weight loss, link from your own websites and blogs, as well as message boards or other social websites, to URLs that contain information about the controversy such as:

    (if you know of any other relevant URLs, please let me know in the comments section so I can add them to this list)

  2. Using social bookmarking sites like Digg and, bookmark relevant blog posts and web pages about the Kimkins controversy. Use the phrases Kimkins and Kimkins diet in your bookmark titles and tags. On this blog, you can click on the Digg button or the Bookmark button below every post and follow the directions to bookmark a post. Anybody can do this, whether you have a website of your own or not.

Kimkins has had excellent affiliate marketing and search engine optimization, and only an organized effort will help get the word out that everything may not be what it seems at Every link and bookmark counts!

Read my series about here.

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19 Responses to “How to Spread the Truth About the Kimkins Diet Controversy”

  1. Curious Says:

    Thanks for putting our name in here..We are very concerned with people who do very low calorie low carb diets. It is NOT healthy..and LCing is all about
    healthy weight loss. We only have one body.

  2. Thinkerbell Says:

    Other places:

  3. Thinkerbell Says:

    By the way, thank you for this ongoing series!

    Getting the word out is just one thing we can all do to educate a public who doesn’t want to have to worry about whether licking a green bean is going to cause them to grow an extra butt cheek.

    Viva la revolution!

  4. LameDuck Says:

    I like the series so far, when do we get to read Part V?

  5. AnOldHouse Says:

    Several more threads from the Active LowCarbers Forum

    Jimmy Moore Lost 13 Pounds In First Four Days On Kimkins :

    Kimkins Refunds:

    1,000,000 Hits in 3 Days Crashes Kimkins Diet Website:

    KIMKINS DIET in Woman’s World Mag.:

    The Kimkins low-carb plan is quickly becoming a household name:

    Jimmy Moore Begins 50-Pound Weight Loss Quest On The Kimkins Diet:

  6. Sherrie Says:

    Hello :)

    I totally agree with getting this out there…

    You might be interested in a post I did last month on my blog, basically I out lined her plans how they are on her site, plus there was some discussion in the comments section. I am also planning to post some research on VLCD’s soon:



  7. Curious Says:


    I will look forward to peeking at your blog. I DO think VLCD’s are extremely dangerous and look forward to your article.

    :) I can’t imagine anyone recommending anybody to eat less than 800 calories a day..What kind of person with a conscience would do that?
    I just can’t understand it.

  8. AnOldHouse Says:

    Almost forgot…here’s another one! AOL Message Boards > Diet and Fitness Community > Diet Debates > Low-Fat vs. Atkins Debate > Kimkins:


  9. Sherrie Says:

    Curious, neither do I!

  10. PJ (RightNow) Says:

    Anybody can ask for author rights here:

    and add information, fwiw.

  11. JimmySucks Says:

    Please try to keep momentum with this expose!!!

    Please post something more, some more information, details, something!!!

  12. Kimmerexia Says:

    For all his impassioned pleas to want to “end the nastiness” with the controversies swirling around Kimkins and Kimmer, all the while referring to anyone seeking the truth as “Kimkins Haters”, he’s handing us more links on his own blog!


  13. Dances with numpties Says:

    I just read at the Kimkins board Jimmy proclaims in his journal that he is killing the people questioning Kimmers with kindness. Do you hear that? The Christian is killing people with kindness. How good of him. I’m sure Jesus is smiling right now.

    For the record, the definition of kindness has morphed into histrionics, fallacious appeals to emotion, and kindness is definitely editing his blog comments to say things people didn’t say. Because that’s kindness, and Jimmy is all over that action. Like pummelling baby seals with fists but not clubs. That kind of kindness.

    Thanks, Jimmy, for killing people with that voodoo that you do. I can see that it is certainly working. Against you, but them’s the breaks.

  14. Thinkerbell Says:

    Mama, Don’t let your babies grow up to be anorexics

  15. Lisa Says:

    Please add to the list, Martin. It’s a place for all victims of this dangerous diet to tell their story and help save others from going down that path.

  16. Kimmerexia Says:

    There’s an excellent new article on warning about the real implications of new security tracking software and cookies that are being hastily implemented at

  17. GillianIvy Says:

    I’ve written a blog entry concerning Kimkins. My cousin Deni is one of the published dieters. She’s on their main page right now. I’ve informed her about the health risks involved with this diet and hope that she makes an informed decision. I know how much of a life changing experience she has had, having lost 60-70lbs on this diet. She’s been an influence to many people to start this diet. My older sister and mother are now on it too. Fortunately, I scour the internet for every detail good and bad about things before I do them. Please share my blog: Truth in Labeling. Thanks for sharing this information with me and my family.

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