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Get the Right Ink Cartridge

Sunday, July 29th, 2007 is easy to describe. It is a huge retailer of printer supplies. It’s landing page offers a variety of searching and browsing options for people who simply want to find the right item for ther printing needs, buy it and feel confident about their purchase.

I am going to go through the motions of finding the right supplies for my printer right now…

I walked the three steps over to the printer. I read that it is a Canon Pixma MP-150. Now I’ll go to…

I put my printer model information in the main search box and I got 5 items. I have a choice of two different qualities of Canon color cartridges, two different qualities of Canon black cartridges or I could go with a combo pack.

If you know the part number of the cartridge you want, you can find that just as quickly. Say, for instance, you want a Dell T0529 Ink Cartridge, you can find it in the Databazaar store in a matter of seconds. You can not find better customer service than what exists at this company. They are in good standing with a number of consumer protection third organizations. I have been asked about a half dozen times by customers for a site that I help administer whether we are registered with the Better Business Bureau. I think Databazaar has recognized the advantages of being involved in that type of thing. They have been a going concern for over nine years and they registered with the BBB in 2002.

YouTube Set to Make a Huge Change

Sunday, July 29th, 2007


Somehow, Google is going to put in place a mechanism that will prevent YouTube users from uploading copyrighted material. The old system involved telling users that they are not allowed to do this and then removing videos in response to complaints. This was not good enough for several media conglomerates.

One thing I do not understand is how this will affect typical fair use items. I suspect that fair use will not be an option anymore.

Upon further reading, I just saw that the technology will actually not prevent the upload, but rather, it will recognize and remove a violating video within one minute.

Picture Yourself at the MGM Grand

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

I used to have a T shirt from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. I bought it at a second hand store. I have never been to Vegas.

Shortly after I got started on Facebook, I discovered that one of my cousins had some role in the administration and/or promotion of an online poker web site. She has, not surprisingly, been to Vegas more than once. The old adage that What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas is no longer true. What Happens in Vegas, is documented photographically and uploaded to Facebook

Any Las Vegas vacation that I would plan would not revolve around the casinos. Given the wide range of other attractions at the MGM Grand, I think it would make an excellent base of operations. I think my kids would be pretty impressed with the current Cirque du Soleil production entitled Ka. I would definitely spend some time in the pool. As someone who may be considered too old to go clubbing, I have to tell you that I still consider it. The thing is, when it involves some travel, I can usually talk myself out of it. At the MGM, some of the hottest clubs in town are right there.