Umm, So When Did Disappear?

I brought the Chinese Cartoon Police thing to the attention of a forum and discussion ensued. That’s what happens when you have intellectual freedoms.

When it became obvious that one of the younger members was unfamiliar with the broader issues in China, I wanted to show her a picture that I had saved a couple of years ago. It is a double exposure of a classic scene of natural an architectural beauty in China AND tanks on Tiananmen Square. I didn’t have a file on the computer thatI was using, but I knew that I had uploaded the image to as part of a slide show. Now I come to find that has executed an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors effective as of August 14, 2007 and as part of this, they have ceased operations. I had quite a bit of content uploaded to their site and embedded on old blog posts. Visitors to those old posts now get a blank space where an image or a movie should be.

If you are interested in buying a failed file sharing social network, they are for sale. If anyone has a link to an image like the one I described, please leave it in a comment. The intent of the image was to slip by Google censors. I really liked that picture. For all the twenty year old people who don’t know, the Chinese government killed peaceful student protestors in 1989.

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