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China’s Cartoon Internet Police

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

cops.JPGHere is the cute face of political oppression. According to Global Voices Online, cartoon images of police officers pop into websites originating from cities such as Beijing and Shenzhen. I am usually a day late when it comes to political stuff, but in this case I am a day early. The Beijing cops hit their virtual beat tomorrow, September 1st.

The expressed intent it to provide users with security tips. The obvious unexpressed intent is intimidation. Internet cafes in China have posters that are less subtle.

Cubicle Depot Sells Used Office Furniture

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

So, in my last post I mentioned the new computer. I’m working at this computer right now. When we get around to installing the important programs in it like DreamWeaver and Photoshop, I will have to go back to an old computer again. We didn’t buy a new desk and chair to go with this new desk top unit. I am actually sitting at an entertainment center at the moment and my next hurts a bit. It’s not very entertaining. I would like to find a good source for used office furniture.

Cubicle Depot has a great business model. It’s good for business and good for the environment. They professionally refurbish office furniture including the typical units that are being used to furnish call centers. Without Cubicle Depot, much of this stuff would end up contributing to the solid waste disposal problems. They operate in the Dallas area. I would like to see this business model being practiced everywhere. Several years ago I did my own miniature version of this enterprise when the company I worked for was expanding. I actually took the desk that had belonged to the founding manager home and installed in a child’s bedroom. It was a huge hardwood built-in unit. I left it in place when we moved later that year.

It seems weird that expansions result in surplus furniture, but the reality is when people have designers involved and lots of cash flow, they usually want all new, all coordinated furniture. It’s great to have someone like Cubical Depot to take the unwanted furniture and spruce it up making it available to smaller businesses or even individuals.

A ‘New’ Computer

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

I just got finished unpacking and setting up a ‘new’ computer. This is an addition rather than a replacement and we decided to go as cheap as possible. We grabbed a ’starter’ computer just before this September’s issuing of student financial assistance results in the local retailers being cleaned out of cheap computers.

I don’t have any complaints so far, except we are already regretting our decision not to upgrade from CD-ROM to a more up to date disc drive. One other thing that I was surprised by was the date of manufacture of the monitor. It was made in 2004. It’s interesting to think about how a three or four year old computer component was considered garbage a few years ago and now they can sell them retail.