Heidi Diaz (Kimmer of Kimkins) Surveillance Picture

kimmerimage01.JPGRead more Heidi Diaz (Kimmer) and the Kimkins diet saga here and here.

This is one of a group of 21 pictures I received today from Robert Charlton of Alliance Investigative Services, a private investigation firm in Corona, California. The pictures were taken on August 15, 2007. Click the thumbnail to see the full-sized picture.

I am spending some time to edit the remaining pictures to remove identifying details such as Heidi Diaz’ home address and the license plate from her van. This will take a little time. However, I intend to post the rest of the pictures later today.

The private investigator states that he is certain that these pictures are of the subject Heidi Diaz. Some of the details of how he obtained his information are trade secrets which he will not divulge. However, he states:

  • He ran the plate on the minivan she was driving and it came back registered to Heidi Diaz.
  • There is a small trash can in a public area at Heidi’s front door. The trash can has no lid and inside it, face up, was a receipt from a customer to Kimkins.com.

I am looking forward to the chance to interview Robert further on his experiences and observations during his lengthy surveillance of Heidi Diaz, and I will share more information as it becomes available.

Personally, I thought nothing could shock me about Heidi Diaz. However, today I can truly say I was shocked. How can an obese woman spend so much time making other heavy women feel so inadequate?

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76 Responses to “Heidi Diaz (Kimmer of Kimkins) Surveillance Picture”

  1. losing fat ass Says:

    You cannot even see her face???? come on…the haters will believe this though.

  2. Karen Says:

    It looks to me like the pics she posted claiming to be her “before” pics. The arms, hands, body posture look the same. I hope there are more pics and ones that show her face, though!

  3. wifezilla Says:

    So much for the Kimkins maintenance plan!

  4. Kasey Says:

    Why doesnt she take her own advice. Do the kimkins diet!
    What a scam. I feel duped. Im FUMING. Cant wait to see the rest.
    Thank you for doing this.

  5. Concerned about kimkins Says:

    show her face dude and put this crap to rest.

  6. losing fat ass Says:

    why would she be driving that peice of crap…come on.

  7. greegreeyaya Says:

    Martin! we realise you need to block out things like her plate number and address but Please choose the next pic you post as one that shows her face so we can SEE that its really her!

    woot! good job!

  8. Layla Says:

    She needs to drive something like that because that GUT she has won;t fit behind the steering wheel of a cute little sports car.

    What a fake and a liar!! She deserves to be shut down

  9. omgawddd Says:

    Losing fat ass is either kimmer or her son….lol

  10. omgawddd Says:

    And for THAT matter, how’s that kimkin’s workin for ya?… ;)

  11. omgawddd Says:

    SOMEONE’S been indulging in gooey butter cake.

    Tsk tsk tsk…

  12. Violet Skye Says:

    Why did Kimmer engage in so much fat-bashing? I think of the saying, “We despise in others that which we hate most in ourselves”. Sad, sad situation, and I feel sorry for the people who placed their trust in the wrong hands.

  13. losing fat ass Says:

    YOU are gullable…a side view of a picture and it HAS to be her

  14. Concerned about kimkins Says:

    “So much for the Kimkins maintenance plan! ”

    Damnit, again I get busted at work. Thanks….but that made me spit pop on my monitor! Good work :)

    Oh…and um…I agree with Layla. This is sad.

    But in all honesty, what will showing her face do? We don’t even know if the before pic was really her. Shazaaam!

  15. smp Says:

    As I suspected long go. As for why? I posted some time ago that she can’t keep the weight off, and wanted others to suffer as she has suffered as they regain their weight. Looks like I may have touched on some of it. And the money’s nice, too.

  16. losing fat ass Says:

    so how do you know this “after” or not “after is her? come on…get a life

  17. Kimkins Dangers Says:

    Losing fat ass person…

    The only person that would be on this board trying to defend Heidi after all that has been revealed….. would be Heidi herself…………

  18. Brewgal Says:

    Martin, thank you.

    LFA, get a bigger shovel!

  19. losing fat ass Says:

    LoL…just like the picture

  20. losing fat ass Says:

    Im done…have fun

  21. Layla Says:

    If that isn’t her, any person in their right mind would ,in the least, post a video blog on her site to prove this isn’t her and that she really is thin and her diet worked for her. She would do it to save her business. But instead of spending 20 bucks on a web cam to put a stop to all of this, looks like she spent that 20 bucks at an all you can eat restraunt and ate for 5 years straight

  22. Rhianna Says:

    I doubt very much that this is Heidi Diaz/Kimmer. There are so many people bashing her right now, and if you’ll notice many of them are extremely obese. They are claiming her plan is unhealthy HA - like they cared about their health when they ate their way up to that size. They just don’t have what it takes to stay on a strict plan. So what if Kimmer doesn’t either at least she’s making public a way that WILL work. It might not be the healthiest plan but nothing can be worse than being fat.

  23. losing fat ass Says:

    ok…all joking aside…in the before pictures, wasnt her hair thick and curly?

  24. omgawddd Says:


    nice new gym shoes in the survailence pic. Guess they won’t help ya much now. Might as well go eat a greasy cheeseburger. ;)

  25. MeeMee729 Says:

    LOL when you click on “losing fat ass” this is what it links to:

    You have GOT to be kidding.

  26. Miss Prissy Says:

    Losing fat ass….ever hear of a flat iron? Duh!

  27. MeeMee729 Says:

    Quoting losing fat ass: “ok…all joking aside…in the before pictures, wasnt her hair thick and curly?”

    Have you somehow managed to not read all the posts from Kimkins dieters re their hair problems?

  28. losing fat ass Says:

    spend the time the flat iron but dress crappy>?

  29. MeeMee729 Says:

    Rhianna says: “nothing can be worse than being fat.”

    Nothing? How about death? Is that worse than being fat? How about a trashed thyroid? Is that worse than being fat? How about heart failure? Hm?

  30. Whatever Says:

    I have to agree with Rhianna, the 2 most prominent bloggers on this issue weigh 300 lbs. or more, by their own stats. Should I trust them to tell me what is healthy? I don’t think so. Eating 5000 calories is as bad as eating 500.

    Show the face, and put up the rest of the pics now. It takes just minutes to blur out a house number or license plate. If it’s her, you got the scoop. But I get the feeling this will drag out like the rest of the “series” has.

  31. MeeMee729 Says:

    Concerned About Kimkins says: “We don’t even know if the before pic was really her.”

    Have you not seen the infamous blue sweater photo that Heidi herself posted at Classmates.com and PlentyOfFish.com? Have you not seen that very same photo used by Heidi herself as her “before” pic in all her posts at LCF?

  32. kan Says:

    I highly doubt this payed PI (with a link to his site) would jump the gun if he wasn’t certain this was heidi diaz.

  33. rhonda Says:

    WOW! That is definitely her. Her stance and face shape is the same as the older pictures of her. What a sad woman.

  34. concerned Says:

    I think that the issue at hand is HEIDI DIAZ’s weight, not anyone else’s. But of course, it’s always fun to try to distract from the main issues…

  35. Sad, but not surprised! Says:

    I’m sad. I have been keeping up with the whole “Who is Kimmer” ordeal. I wanted to believe that maybe this women was someone who just did not want to be in the lime light…….perhaps a bit of a computer geek, someone who was being picked on, for tweaking the Atkins diet and being successful at starting her own business.
    But this is truly horrible!
    Heidi has all the stress of having your own website caused you to regain the weight, or have you always been overweight and lying to everyone!
    People who know this woman, why have you let people continue to be deceived?? HORRIBLE!

  36. Concerned about kimkins Says:

    Ok…Um HOLY SHIT…look dummy…why were you not with us arguing that the red dress pic was her…there is NOT curly hair in that. But you were all WOW THAT’S TOTALLY HER. Get a life dingbat.

  37. greegreeyaya Says:

    Sad, but not surprised said ..People who know this woman, why have you let people continue to be deceived?? HORRIBLE! ”

    the thing of it is, is that No one really ever knew her, all we ever knew was the persona she created.

  38. smp Says:

    There, except for the diet of Atkins (and good hair genes) goes I. I was her weight 5 years ago, and I’m guessing she’s around 300 lbs. May I recommend Atkins in all its stages, Heidi, and hope you can undo some of the mega-damage your WOE has done to you. Even taking off 10% of your excess weight PROPERLY will relieve some of the burden on your heart, knees and feet. Please don’t fast any more - you can’t lose that way.

  39. Barb Says:

    She’s dressed crappy because that’s all there is to buy when you’ve gotten that big! Stretch pants. I wouldn’t have any issue with her size if she hadn’t CHARGED people money to learn how to lose weight. And to say “Nothing is worse than being fat”….try sickness or death from an eating disorder brought on by a wench who told you to eat FEWER AND FEWER CALORIES, even though you’re already below 600. That is worse than being fat.

  40. Concerned about kimkins Says:

    Have you not seen the infamous blue sweater photo that Heidi herself posted at Classmates.com and PlentyOfFish.com? Have you not seen that very same photo used by Heidi herself as her “before” pic in all her posts at LCF?

    Yeah, that was my point, she’s a HUGE liar! Hence the we don’t know if that was her, or the new one is her…until someone gets more proof we will never really know ya know?

  41. wifezilla Says:

    I am a “detractor” and I am not 300 lbs. I am 6′ tall and weigh 220. I have lost 30 lbs since mid May. I eat anywhere from 1500-2000 calories a day. My blood pressure is way down, I feel great, and I am still losing around 2 pounds a week eating full fat dairy, healthy fresh lc veggies, chicken, steak, seafood, and other delicious food.

    My hair isn’t falling out, my metabolism is better than it has ever been, I’m not SNATT, I sleep great, and I can easily follow this WOE for the rest of my life.

    Compare that to the issues Kimkins dieters have had.

    People are “bashing” her for a darn good reason! As someone stated earlier, it would take her 5 minutes and a web cam to dispute the detractors IF she was genuine.

  42. OMG! Says:



  43. Layla Says:

    This sad story needs national attention. I have emailed a history of this story along with links to many blogs and boards that are involved in this. I emailed them to Dr Phil, Tyra, Dr Ablo and Oprah. I hope that someone on one of those staffs takes the time to look at all this stuff.

  44. Pork Fried Rice Says:

    Ha, I was half right. At least SHE didn’t turn out to be HE.

  45. Lisa Says:

    A part of me is tittering with delight that the TRUTH has long last been revealed, after all of this time, as I was one of those trying to sound the alarm so long ago and was just shot down, like so many others! It feels good to be vindicated! I’m sitting at work and I can barely contain myself from just running outside and screaming hysterically!

    But another part of me is sad for all of the people hurt by this. I feel for them and what they must be thinking, the deeply personal emotion of betrayal. It’s no different than finding out a beloved spouse has been cheating on you, or a best friend has been stealing from your purse.

    Everything this woman has ever uttered was a lie. Everything. She’s a very sad, lonely and desperate creature who found a fantasy life on the internet, that’s why she was so bitter and nasty to anyone who dared expose her. I truly hope all of you who gave her money pursue legal action and make her pay for this ruse she pulled off. She should get a job like everybody else and not sit at home and draw aid and scam people into giving her money for her lies.

    Anti-Kimkins soldiers - vive le victory!!!! Thanks, Martin for this delicious homerun! The fight is not over. The Kimpire is burning but the villagers still need to be rescued! To the bat cave!!

  46. omgawddd Says:

    Thank you Layla.

  47. omgwtf Says:

    Those in denial are so far removed from reality that they can’t consider that a hired investigator won’t jeopardize their living to lie about a picture of a very obese woman. The car is registered to her, she has Kimkins receipts in her trash, but the cry will still be “I don’t care as long as *I’M* losing weight!”

    I feel so terribly bad for all the women who honestly thought they had somehow found a workable answer to their weight struggle, who misplaced their trust into the hands of a fraud.

  48. Heidi Says:

    Wow. This investigator is actually the husband of a friend of mine so I have to believe this is true. I even know exactly where that is, as I live in the same city as both of them (Heidi/Kimmer and the investigator). I feel so betrayed right now. I don’t even know what to think other than complete infuriation.

  49. Concerned about kimkins Says:

    Jesus Martin, email me the pics and I’ll edit them for you. COME ON!!!!!!!!

  50. MeeMee729 Says:


    You can post your Kimkins complaints here for free, and those complaints will be viewed by hundreds of thousands of your fellow consumers.

    Your complaint might save the life of a desperate dieter — a grandmother, a mom, a teen.

    Put your webcam where your mouth is.

  51. Kasey Says:

    I need to see more!

  52. Any day now Says:

    Oh come on grab a sharpie and black that crap out.

  53. chumster Says:

    Ok, we know she is a liar, now how can we go about getting our money back? I am thinking about contacting my credit card company direct instead of going through paypal……any suggestions?

  54. Kimmerexia Says:

    Martin may be suppressing her registration plate number, but this is just about as good…

    What happens when you google on “chinese 103 corona”?


    ” Magic Wok Coupon
    2-for-1 Discount
    529 N. McKinley Ave., Ste. 103
    Corona, CA 92879

    Magic Wok Coupon Detail
    Enjoy one complimentary COMBO or BOWL SPECIAL when a second COMBO or BOWL SPECIAL of equal or greater value is purchased.”

    Conveniently located RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the Postal Annex store (104 N. McKinley Ave.) where the Kimkins.com website registration address leads to.

  55. Whatever Says:

    For the love of God, post the pics already, some of us are supposed to be working :)

    You don’t even have to blur anything, just crop them - it takes 5 seconds!

  56. Interesting… « Limenade And Watermelon… Says:

    […] This is a supposed picture of what Kimmer looks like:  You can find the story at Slamboard.  I tried to stay out of this…I am just curious to know how people are reacting to this… […]

  57. Whatever Says:

    Is Corona a dumpy city? That shopping center looks dirty.

  58. Kimmerexia Says:

    Now I’m sure that Kimmer/Heidi parked way over in front of the Magic Wok Chinese Restaurant so that she could get in a little exercise by walking over to the Postal Annex store to pick up the mail for Kimkins.com, right?

    It’s not as though the parking lot is full. She COULD have parked closer to the Postal Annex store, right?

    What? She was there for Chinese takeout?????

    Is that on the Kimkins plan??!!?!!?!!!

    Oh, is THIS the real PLAN BEHIND THE PLAN???????????????????????

  59. Sherrie Says:

    “So much for the Kimkins maintenance plan!”


  60. vern Says:

    I guess she is living proof that the plan is not sustainable. I wonder how many poor Kimkins schmucks will be right back where they started from this time next year?


  61. So Sad… « Limenade And Watermelon… Says:

    […] September 5, 2007 at 2:33 pm · Filed under Time Passing By, low carb, Blah Blah Blah, Weight loss …sigh.  There are twenty more pictures up.  Apparently it is Kimmer behind Kimkins.  I guess that explains why she never wanted to be photographed.  Just goes to show you how you can be anyone you want to be online.  This reminds me of chat rooms or phone sex operators.  You really NEVER know who you are communicating with…seriously.  I hope everyone that wants their money back gets it back.  Just one thing…if Kimkins was your first experience with low carbing…PLEASE do not get discouraged!!  There are many healthy ways to follow this way of eating.  Do your research and choose the plan that is right for you.  Listen to your body!  Low carbing works…you just have to find the right combination that works for you. […]

  62. taz Says:

    The really sad part is we paid money before we knew what the plan entailed. At least with WW or Jenny Craig, you get to talk with someone and see what the “eating” part is first. Lesson learned.

  63. slamboard » Blog Archive » Kimkins.com Part I - The Kimkins.com Business Partnership Case Study Says:

    […] SEPTEMBER 2007 UPDATE: We now have real pictures of Kimmer. As many people suspected, she is a morbidly obese woman — not the svelte 118-pound diet success she has claimed to be. See the pictures here: Kimmer surveillance picture, Kimmer at the Kimkins.com mail box, more surveillance Kimmer photos. […]

  64. slamboard » Blog Archive » Kimkins.com Part III - Kimmer: Who Is She Really? (Includes Pictures) Says:

    […] SEPTEMBER 2007 UPDATE: We now have real pictures of Kimmer. As many people suspected, she is a morbidly obese woman — not the svelte 118-pound diet success she has claimed to be. See the pictures here: Kimmer surveillance picture, Kimmer at the Kimkins.com mail box, more surveillance Kimmer photos. […]

  65. concerned about kimkins Says:

    go to www.bbb.com she has listed kimkins now. Now it’s time for you to review her program.

  66. Mimi Says:

    Heads up — Even as we speak (Thursday evening 06 September 2007) Heidi is frantically posting deranged praises to herself over at the BBB Kimkins.com Reviews page:


    Please, everyone who hasn’t already done so, please hop on over there and let your voice be heard.

    Do it for your fellow desperate dieters — past, present, and future.

  67. rlh94 Says:

    We could all be lying about who we are online…that is the wonder of the internet…but seriously people grow up…if you are not following the WOE what do you care…let it go already…
    I personally love it…I will not trade it for anything until I reach goal…I have lost 40 lbs in less than 2 months..I tried atkins and never lost this kind of weight…and couldn’t stomach all the fatty foods..we all have brains and decide for ourselves what we do with our lives…
    Who cares if she gained it all back it doesn’t mean we all will..things happen…grow up everyone and find something better to do than bashing others

  68. concerned about kimkins Says:

    Martin can you clarify who hired the pi? We are at a loss. Did a pi just contact you or did you hire him? Thanks

  69. Quick, Look! It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Slander! Not! « Kimkins Exposed Says:

    […] Kimmer, I was cruising the web and saw this posted in another low card site http://www.slamboard.com/2007/09/05/heidi-diaz-kimmer-of-kimkins-surveillance-picture/ […]

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    […] Kimmer, I was cruising the web and saw this posted in another low card site http://www.slamboard.com/2007/09/05/heidi-diaz-kimmer-of-kimkins-surveillance-picture/ […]

  71. Kimkins Expose–Diet by Death « Diary of a Mad Housewife Says:

    […] Now we know that Heidi Diaz never lost the weight she had claimed while giving advice at her home low-carb board. Statements like this which were meant to be inspirational really sheds a sad shadow on someone so needing attention that she could make statements such as these to one quizzical dieter: “Jennifer, you will be nothing short of totally, absolutely and completely amazed at how fast you will lose. Do you believe in dreaming? I do. Get busy dreaming of a size 8 life. What will you do? What will you wear? Feel yourself sitting in a theater seat without bruises on your hips the next day (oops, drawing on personal experience)…. No, not a godsend, just someone who has been in your shoes. Everyone’s shoes. I know the frustration. I know the bruises from movie theater seats. I know picking slip-on shoes because you can’t bend over to tie laces. I know avoiding folding chairs while camping. I know.” Note, she says she “knows”. This could be a slip, but it seems that with what has been shown, she was talking in the current tense. This may have been one of the few honest statements she made on the “Ask Kimmer” thread, whether intended or not. […]

  72. Kimkins Diet Scam Keeps Going | Chubby Mommy Says:

    […] Then Kimmer began a smear campaign against Catherine, attempting to impugn her integrity. And that pissed of Catherine’s husband, who hired a private investigator to learn just who Kimmer really was. […]

  73. cyndi Says:

    BUT., ALL OF THIS SAID AND BASHED AROUND! did people not believe enough to join and loose weight? Have people ever really seen the Authors of so called diet books? are their pictures reality?

    SO what, if Heidi, or Kim or whoever she is is real and she followed a plan, does that matter?

    Is any quick fix diet healthy? come on! are their debates on lapbands, stomach reduction, etc etc?

    Everyone fails to reason, most of these people were morbidly obese to begin with, their hearts were an issue as were many of their internal organs.

    Who can judge if anything was honestly challenged, not one of the nay sayers were under medical supervision!

    Cut this gal a break, she is a chubby chic , somewhat like Susan Powter, who had nothing but a word or a mouth to push a product.

  74. Anti-Kimkins Blogs of Note: Slamboard » Kimkins Controversy - Kimkins Scam Says:

    […] The focus of Slamboard has shifted away from the Kimkins Controversy lately, but the older posts are a great resource for everyone with an interest in the story. There are now lots of vocal detractors with inside information because most of the former insiders fled when they realized or suspected the truth… or they got kicked out for asking questions. Slamboard posts all comments that are not spam. There are several comments from Kimmer’s defenders and they make for an interesting read. […]

  75. Quick, Look! It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Slander! Not! « “Kimkins Exposed” Revived Says:

    […] Kimmer, I was cruising the web and saw this posted in another low card site http://www.slamboard.com/2007/09/05/heidi-diaz-kimmer-of-kimkins-surveillance-picture/ […]

  76. Diet Brainery » » The Kimkins Diet Scam Says:

    […] Heidi Diaz (Kimmer of Kimkins) Surveillance Picture […]

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