More Surveillance Photos of Kimkins’ Kimmer

kimmer01.JPG kimmer02.JPG kimmer03.JPG
kimmer04.JPG kimmer05.JPG kimmer06.JPG
kimmer07.JPG kimmer08.JPG kimmer09.JPG

Read more Heidi Diaz (Kimmer) and the Kimkins diet saga here and here.

Southern California PI Robert Charlton of Alliance Investigative Services also took these surveillance photos of Heidi Diaz outside her residence. Mr. Charlton kept the residence, a two-bedroom apartment, under surveillance for days. He says that the only two people living in the apartment are Heidi Diaz and her son Brandon — no foster kids. Mr. Charlton does have a photograph of Brandon but I will not be publishing it at this time, since Brandon is only barely an adult.

Mr. Charlton told me something extraordinarily disturbing, but relevant to the discussion about Heidi’s hairstyles. At one point during the extensive surveillance he observed Heidi seated at her computer near an upstairs window, without her wig on. Heidi Diaz — and I do not know why — is bald.

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124 Responses to “More Surveillance Photos of Kimkins’ Kimmer”

  1. Jo Says:

    OMG, she’s bald!!! That explains the nice hair, lol!!!

  2. Kasey Says:

    Wow.This is getting crazy.

  3. Concerned about kimkins Says:

    oooo momma’s got some lovely lady lumps. HOLY HELL!

  4. greegreeyaya Says:

    Martin we NEED to see the bald pic!!!! that will be proof that her thyroid is out of whack from all her crazy dieting.

    tell me is the pic of Brandon much like his pic on myspace?

  5. im a believer Says:

    This doesnt look like her at all!!!! are you crazy?

  6. carbbaby Says:

    And she had the Audacity to call Atkins….Fatkins. Sheesh

  7. Kimmerexia Says:

    Brandon either IS a legal adult or he ISN’T.

    He IS a legal adult and he’s the Registrant, Technical and Administrative contact for He’s just as legally responsible for this mess as his mother.

    Others have posted his picture that he’d had posted on his MySpace profile, until he took it down in reaction.

    Post the picture of Brandon already. It’s not that we don’t know what he looks like!

  8. Concerned about kimkins Says:

    believer go to kimkins exposed and look at the side by side. I’ll publicly kiss your ass if it’s not her.

  9. Kimmerexia Says:

    Martin, people like “im a believer” above are the very reason you need to post Brandon’s picture. They need to see Brandon’s picture for themselves.

  10. Miss Prissy Says:

    SHE’S BALD!!!!


    That takes the cake! The gooey butter cake!

  11. im a believer Says:


  12. im a believer Says:

    2007 pic looks alot younger…come on….

  13. Concerned about kimkins Says:

    Well it’s official, I’m a believer is Kimmer. or blind. Whatever. It’s her, you whomever. And ya know it.

    Ding dong the witch is dead…..

  14. CR Says:

    I gotta say I am sickened by this woman…after all the mean comments she made to people that were struggling to lose weight her way, starving and feeling nauseated….they werent serious, they were cheaters, that losing 1-2 pounds a week was too slow and SHE would NEVER put up with that kind of loss….etc….she is gonna get hers….Kumbaya indeed Kimmer may Karma bite your ass hard **thumbs down**

  15. MeeMee729 Says:

    Commenter “im a believer” is the same person as “losing fat ass”. a.k.a. Heidi.

  16. doh Says:

    Daisy, you really think a PI staked out for a few days would not know who lives there?
    And honestly, would he risk his license by making a false claim?

    If you still believe that’s not ‘kimmer’ I have some swamp land to sell you.

  17. Wowsa Says:

    note to self, never put my obese ass into tight light gray pants

  18. Kimmerexia Says:

    Wowsa sez: “note to self, never put my obese ass into tight light gray pants”

    Yeah, she does have a serious case of ‘camel toe’ going on, huh?

  19. Mimi Says:

    This is what Heidi posted today: “Slamboard is my former partner who is upset that she wasn’t a partner anymore when we were on the cover of the magazine. It was her choice to not be partner and now she’s kicking herself. ”

  20. smp Says:

    She said, he said. What do the pictures tell us?

  21. OceanBlue (ccbbear) Says:

    Thank you for the pictures.

    I only wish that other members at kimkins would at least take the time to look and not close their minds to the reality.

    Yes, you maybe loosing weight. If she lied about how she lost it and has kept it off all these years, think about it….how much more has she lied about? Even once you cut through all the BS, this is enough to just really make me mad!

  22. OceanBlue (ccbbear) Says:

    Loosing - losing.

    Sorry about the typo….I am just mad right now!

  23. Grain of Salt Says:

    If the investigator staked the place for days, why are all the pictures taken on the same day/ in the same outfit, and still not a clear shot amoung them? I personally would notice if some car at a post office followed me all the way home, parked across from me right as I was parking at my home, and snapped away.
    if they really had a picture of her adult son they would have no qualms of posting it if it would give proof. Again, we are just suppose to assume everything is truth because they said so, and without any direct proof. No one else sees fault in that?

  24. GoLight Says:

    Maybe if some people would slow down and read the part where Mr Charlton did the license plate check and the FACT that it IS registered to HEIDI DIAZ,
    maybe, just maybe, they’ll stop posting “it’s a random female” comments.

    What name is on the lease at that person’s condo?

  25. Layla Says:

    Grain of salt: in reply to your last post about “are we suppose to assume everything is truth because they say so”

    Well aren’t you doing the same thing when you assume it is truth that Kimkins/Heidi spews from her blubber encrusted soul?

  26. Brewgal Says:

    Yeah, ‘Grain of Salt’ - Ockham’s Razor! Looking at all of Kimmer’s inconsistencies that have already been demonstrated, you actually think it’s more likely that a former business partner unleashed this grand conspiracy? Get real!

  27. another curious onlooker Says:

    where is the bald picture? Post it already. You can’t say something like that exists and not post it.

  28. Lisa J Says:

    Commenter im a believer is the same person as losing fat ass. a.k.a. Heidi.

    Yes it is the same person…but now you are calling ME Heidi? we have some great detectives on here…I used my same email address.. I wasnt hiding…This is so sickening.

  29. LCFposter Says:

    LO fucking L, I got called a meanie for saying I thought she was a lier at least 2 years back when she stuck an obviously older picture up on low carb friends as a”after” picture this “after” picture was of a young woman early 20’s maybe and the picture quality was grainy and overall looked like the typical quality of a picture taken in the 80’s then the “before” picture was a higher quality picture of a woman in her 40’s or so.

    I mean come on how thick can you get to not know something was wrong even way back then.

    Glad she is at last being outed for the lier and scammer that she is.

  30. Lisa J Says:

    How do you know Kimmer is Heidi???werent you all questioning if kimmers name was heidi? now we have pictures of Heidi and it is definitely kimmer..???sick…self fullfilling

    I feel sorry for that woman that you are picking on and taking pictures of and calling her camel toe…you are all acting very childish with the name calling…people like you are why so many overweight children become overweight adults…How do you think she feels seeing her picture there with all your nasty comments….just what if it is not the woman you hate. This has turned really sour and nasty….

    And those of you who said she belongs in hell, how low and how dare you to judge.

    This is sickening. I am apologizing to this woman, whoever you are…we all have bad hair/clothes days and if you are reading this…not all people are judgemental of you…

    I am so done with this. I do not want to be associated with any of you haters anymore. Ban me…. delete my account…I dont need such hate

    Farewell to all and good luck on your weightloss journey.

    Lisa J.

  31. concerned about kimkins Says:

    I think all kimmer supporters should stop supporting until she provides a web cam broadcast. If she does that and she’s in fact thin…then we were all wrong…but what are the odds that all of this was made up just cuz she hurt some feelings. SHE is the one who refuses to be seen! SHE is the one who refuses to prove she is who she says she is. SHE is also the one who decided to wear those pants without the rearview mirror view helping her out. Sweet jesus those are tight!

  32. Lisa J Says:

    I think all kimmer supporters should stop supporting until she provides a web cam broadcast. If she does that and shes in fact thinthen we were all wrongbut what are the odds that all of this was made up just cuz she hurt some feelings.

    But why would yu believe a webcast was her and not an acquaintance??

  33. Tricia Says:

    I have read all of these slamboard comments and it has finally struck me - Kimmers had allegedly been giving ‘poor’ advise in regards to health while still on the LCF site - yet Catherine was willing to go into business with her AND the entire enterprise might not have ever happened had Catherine not proposed it and took care of the intial site development.

    How does Catherine Sleep at night?

  34. selenabj Says:

    OMG I am aghast!! Shocked and horrified. That woman with the giant sized a$$ that looks like it is stuffed full of raw cauliflower had the never to tell ME to go scarf down my greasy cheeseburgers. Just what the heck have YOU been eating lady?? Do you have stock in twinkies and Ben and Jerry’s? I am angry and hurt and I hope this scam artist gets everything that is coming to her. And then some. Grrrrrrr……

  35. Mimi Says:

    Sorry Lisa J — I just assumed you were Heidi because Heidi’s always accusing her detractors as being “jealous” and both your screennames links to a page on jealousy. Please accept my apology for accusing you of being Heidi. That was an insult no one deserves.

  36. Mimi Says:

    If you’ll check out the “Kimmer thread continues” over at ACL you’ll see that some of us — who do truly want to trust Martin and/or whoever took these photos, and who do truly believe Heidi is a fraud and that her diet is a danger — are at this point so suspicious and so cynical that it’s not easy to trust anyone or anything right now. Is the woman in the photos here really Heidi Diaz a.k.a. Kimkins’ Kimmer? Or is she a sadly overweight “model” hired to post for the camera while going into and out of the mail drop, and going up the steps to Heidi’s apartment? We don’t know. We want to believe … we want to believe somebody, we want to know we can trust at least somebody in this whole mess. But the rather too conveniently sighted receipt lying rather too conveniently face up in a rather too conveniently open trash receptacle located rather too conveniently in the vicinity of Heidi’s apartment? And the wigless Heidi who just happens to be sitting at her desk in front of a curtainless window, in full view of passers-by? I don’t know — is it real? or is it just another odd little tangle of lies?

    When it comes to photos all any of us really, really knows is that the infamous blue sweater photo used by a person calling herself Kimmer is the same photo used by a person calling herself Heidi Diaz at and Kimmer2 at As far as photos go, that’s all we really know, I mean existentially speaking (if “existentially” is an applicable adverb in this situation).

    Uh … we also know that one of “Kimmer’s” photos is actually a photo of actress Jaclyn Smith.

    Am I leaving anything out? I mean as far as photos are concerned. (Other aspects of Heidi/Kimmer, unrelated to the photos, are another matter altogether — my comment here relates only to the photos.)


  37. Mimi Says:

    typo — that should read “pose for the camera” –not “post for the camera.” Sorry.

  38. Lisa J Says:

    apology accepted…and very well said

  39. Curiouser Says:

    Couple of questions:

    1) if the photos are 3 weeks old, where have they been til now?
    2) where is the investigator’s written report?

  40. OceanBlue (ccbbear) Says:

    Is there a way anyone can find out who the person in the red dress is? I think that would help clear up some things. If someone can find out who she is and have it confirmed, then maybe other kk members will start to see the light. I just hate being lied to.

  41. Kimmerexia Says:

    If the still-devoted Kimkins members can’t see that this is in fact their beloved ‘Kimmer’ Heidi Diaz waddling in to pick up the Kimkins mail (and probably her Social Security Disability check as well) at the INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED AND VERIFIABLE LOCATION of the Postal Annex store (529 N. McKinley Street #104, Corona, CA) where the site is registered, with a Magic Wok immediately to the left (very same address #103), and then returning to the VERIFIED AND VERIFIABLY SAME APARTMENT COMPLEX as featured in her son Brandon’s YouTube video, then it’s their choice to remain in denial of the truth. It’s called IGNORANCE. Anyone now left actually believing anything from Kimmer (other than that you’ll get banned if you dare speak up against this fraud) is completely and utterly IGNORANT.

    Can you believe that people are dismissing these photos as being ‘too young’ to be the 49-year old Kimmer/Heidi but apparently continute to accept that a picture of a probable 30 year old in a sexy red dress IS her? They’re desparately trying to cling to hopes that have long ago slipped away.

    The infamous ‘red dress’ picture is now moot. It’s not of her, never was of her. Wake up and smell the Chinese takeout folks!

  42. LOLatKimmer Says:

    Look at the size of that ass!

    How’s that Kimkins workin’ for ya Kimmer? LOL

  43. Mimi Says:

    Demand a media investigation!
    NBC’s Chief Consumer Correspondent Ms. Lea Thompson

  44. Whatever Says:

    I believe it’s her in these pics - and I’m a former supporter. I do think the story would have more teeth for the few remaining believers if the pics weren’t all from the same day (of a multi-day stakeout), and if there was a pic of the “bald head”. Plus, I’d like to see that :)

  45. Mimi Says:

    Kimmerexia — I’m definitely not, nor ever have been, a “devoted Kimkins member.” I guess I’m just disappointed in the photos because I had this unrealistic expectation of what professional PI surveillance photos would look like — I thought they’d be sharply in-focus, with some high quality close-ups of her face, and the license plate, I don’t know — I just expected something more. A detailed report, too. And I’m just having a hard time believing the thing about the baldness and the envelope in the trash can. This is not to accuse either Martin or the PI of dishonesty — this is just to explain that I’m having a hard time taking anything at (excuse the expression) “face value” at the moment.

  46. Kimmerexia Says:

    Mimi sez: “I thought theyd be sharply in-focus, with some high quality close-ups of her face, and the license plate, I dont know I just expected something more. A detailed report, too. And Im just having a hard time believing the thing about the baldness and the envelope in the trash can. This is not to accuse either Martin or the PI of dishonesty this is just to explain that Im having a hard time taking anything at (excuse the expression) face value at the moment.

    I agree that sharper photos would be of help. I have no idea at what distance the PI had to keep in order not to be detected while doing his work.

    It’s clear that Martin has received a report and has shared with us the tidbit about the baldness. Yes, I’d like to personally see the report myself as well as the bald photo if there is one. If he legally “observed” her (wasn’t trespassing or invading privacy) from outside through an open window from a public area, he could have well shot a photo. Unfortunately, Martin has tipped his hand with that little tidbit and if there isn’t a photo of the baldness already, there’s unlikely now to ever be one.

    As for the registration plate, the fuzzing out of that on every picture was Martin’s doing, not the PI. According to what Martin has told us, the PI has run the plate and it belongs to Heidi Diaz. Martin has also provided the information on the PI and the PI could lose his license to practice and be sued by Diaz for providing false information. I too would like to see the registration plate for myself. I’d like to see the report that came back from running the plate number.

    I’d also like to see a photo of the Kimkins receipt or envelope in the trash if there is one. I’d also like to see the picture that Martin says that he has of Heidi’s son Brandon, the registrant, technical and administrative contact for the website.

    Yet, here we have pictures which corroborate with both the verified known location of both her apartment and the Postal Annex store where the mailbox is taken by a licensed PI. So it’s entirely clear to me why she’s refused to ever meet anyone in person including Christin and Jimmy Moore, two people who were among her most ardent supporters at the time.

    While it’s crystal clear to me (it always has been, even without the newly revealed pictures, I recognize that it would be helpful to others who insist on remaining in denial over this to have multiple points to connect the dots (the registration plate, the baldness, the receipt/envelope in the trash, Brandon’s picture, etc.) And that’s why I’ve asked Martin to release the additional information and photos that he’s already indicated that he has.

  47. OceanBlue (ccbbear) Says:

    Kimmerexia -

    Many, me included, don’t know the address people are sending checks to. I never paid attention. You couldn’t pay by check when I joined.

    I have never seen or even heard of a youtube video by her son.

    Not everyone got banned for speaking out. Some of us are still getting access to the site. Not sure why some and not others though.

    I’m not sure why you think that ALL kk members have all this information you speak of. I for one, did not visit all the blogs etc. when I was there and happy. You may call it ignorance if you like. I call it minding my own business. I had no reason to go seek out people that were bashing something/someone I believed in.

    We know the red dress pic is not her. That is why I would like someone to find out who it is.

    I am NOT defending her in ANY way. She IS a fraud and theif. The more proof you have the better.

  48. Kimmerexia Says:

    OceanBlue (ccbbear) sez: “Many, me included, dont know the address people are sending checks to. I never paid attention. You couldnt pay by check when I joined. I have never seen or even heard of a youtube video by her son. Not everyone got banned for speaking out. Some of us are still getting access to the site. Not sure why some and not others though. Im not sure why you think that ALL kk members have all this information you speak of. I for one, did not visit all the blogs etc. when I was there and happy. You may call it ignorance if you like. I call it minding my own business. I had no reason to go seek out people that were bashing something/someone I believed in. We know the red dress pic is not her. That is why I would like someone to find out who it is. I am NOT defending her in ANY way. She IS a fraud and theif. The more proof you have the better.”

    All the information you need to put the pieces to the puzzle together are all still there on sites like kimkinsexposed and kimkinsdangers with plenty of links to all the other sites. There is certainly good information here in Martin’s series as well. Be sure to read all the the comments. Yes, some of the comments are outright bashing, but look for the nuggets of information they may contain.

    I think after you carefully review all the information and resources that have been amassed there, and now view it all in the newfound light you are able to see things in, you really won’t much be worrying about who the model is in the infamous red dress, which is a needle in a haystack. The “smoking gun” in this case has already been found.

  49. Mimi Says:

    Lea Thompsons address at the dateline consumer link doesnt work. Truly sorry, I should have double-checked before posting.

    These do work:

  50. Mimi Says:

    Just a reminder:

    Everyone who contributed any money to Heidi or to any “fund-raiser” at includin the “Kimmer’s Kids” campaign, Ms. Barbara Hofman at the Riverside CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) office requests that you please contact her with your information, as she is spearheading that portion of the official investigation.

    Here is her contact info:

    Phone: (951) 358-4305
    Snailmail: 9991 County Farm Road, Riverside CA 92503

  51. OceanBlue Says:


    I stand corrected. I have been banned. I stood up for a member today that others were being mean and rude to. They should be ashamed of themselves!

  52. ItsTheWooo Says:

    Is it necessary to degrade this person to prove that self starvation and trying to restrict calories as hard as possible is NOT the way to lose weight?

    If there is a webcast of a thin woman calling herself kimmer… does that somehow NEGATE the stupidity of her “plan” (or at least the plan so many are following )?

    Self starvation won’t make you thin. And, I actually HAVE lost ~160 lbs from a bmi of >46 to one of 20. I have never restricted as hard as that… it’s just *pointless*. No one becomes fat by eating an excess of 1000 calories every day… therefore, no one becomes thin by eating less than 1000 calories. It’s the massive amounts of junkie food and carbs that make us fat. Eating a very low (40-60ish) carb diet plus moderate cal restriction is all that is necessary… and odds are if you are an obese person, moderate cal restriction isn’t even necessary (the body should burn its own fat off, and appetite will naturally reduce).

    Starvation is STUPID. Starvation is what little kids and crazy people do to feel some control and sense of improvement over their lives.

    Why is it necessary to humiliate an obese body or pray at the alter of a thin one to get that obvoius DUUUUH factoid?

  53. ItsTheWooo Says:

    I think the really sad thing is that she is larger than she was a few years ago :(
    If she ever followed her advice, it seems to have only resulted in rebound weight gain.

    It’s clearly her, or a woman who looks exactly like her. I believe that woman can be 49, especially if we consider the hair is fake (the hair is the only youthful thing about her… older women generally have thinner hair with less life).
    If she is bald(ing) it may be from her hypothyroidism, or related diseases.

    I just feel so sad. I mean, one, because she looks so much the way I did when I was heavy… and so many of us can relate to the kind of desperation to change that might have influenced the harmless lies that spun out of control (before it turned into a business and greed) . When I was an obese teen, and I would talk to people online, I often pretended to be thinner, more attractive… because I felt powerless to change myself, and I knew how big I was, was considered totally deplorable (that is to say, no one would have any interest in maintaining any kind of conversation or relationship had they known that I was morbidly obese). I think this same obesity prejudice influenced the original little white lies that has grown into this.

    … And, speaking as a person with the disease of obesity, I find this all very personally hurtful. So now we know she is morbidly obese. So, now we can totally dismiss everything. It need not even further investigation. This is the self evident truth: she’s worthless, she’s huge.

    If she were thin, if she were wearing gym clothes, then what?

    This kind of thinking is the reason for so many years I was *miserable*, why I continue to battle with hateful thoughts about my body (even though I’m considered healthy weight, I will *always* struggle with not feeling thin ENOUGH, or eating TOO much… to some degreee).

    How many of us reading this haven’t lost the weight, and how does it make YOU feel?

    I mean, is it even about kimkins anymore? The advice was always stupid (at least, those who went to the self starvation crash diet extremes anyway).

  54. Bryan Says:

    I don’t know. These pics don’t really show anything that proves anything.

    Where’s the proof that Heidi Diaz IS the original LCF poster who went by the name kimmer? Sure Heidi’s name is on everything, but she may well just be a major investor in kimmer’s business. Might even be the de facto owner, but not the actual person who is dispensing the advice.

    Not saying I believe that, but I want to see the proof. Random pictures a fat lady at a mailbox don’t ammount to evidence of anything other than the fact that she picks up mail.

  55. Mimi Says:

    Link to the national Better Business Bureau page for

    Please note that there’s a difference between posting a REVIEW and filing a COMPLAINT.

    You need to FILE A COMPLAINT:

    __If you personally have been defrauded or deceived by Heidi

    __If you personally have been verbally and/or emotionally abused by Heidi

    __If you personally have donated any money to her to help her fictional foster children or for any other cause in which the money was accepted by her or on her behalf

    __If you personally have been banned from and/or denied access, and/or denied a full refund of your membership fee

    __If you personally have experienced or are experiencing any ill health effects because of the Kimkins diet (either the Politically Correct version or the Plan Behind The Plan)

    __If you personally have experienced or are experiencing hair loss, dizziness, SNATT, cardia arrythmia, weakness, fainting, or any other problems because of the Kimkins diet

    __If you personally received from Heidi medical advice including weightloss and nutrition

    __If you are the spouse, relative, or caretaker/guardian of anyone who personally fits any of the above criteria

    You need to POST A REVIEW:

    __If you personally witnessed any of the above while a member of, LCF, ALC, or any other online venue including email and Private Messages

    __If you have factual information and/or honest opinions about Heidi, the Kimkins diet, and/or

  56. Mimi Says:

    Sorry, that should read CARDIAC arrhythmia, not “cardia”.

  57. Don't understand Says:

    I have been reading these comments and some of you since to have such a hatred for KImmer, I just would like to know why. I going to tell you right from the start I am a Kimkins member and I have lost weight. Its worked better than any plan I have ever tried. I am not going to lie though and admit I have had a few side effects such as tiredness and joint pains. I have had no hair loss.I joined Kimkins after the Woman’s World article came out. I know nothing about her before then.

    Isn’t it possible that if this is Kimmer, that like most people she regained the weight she claimed she lost and probably more. If this is true, I could understand her posting fake pictures and wanting to keep her life private. You can’t t run a website about losing weight and be huge like that its just not good for business.

    But anyway regardless of whether Kimmer is a fraud or not, this whole thing about the private investigator bothers me. I don’t feel Kimmer is public person like celebrity and she was entitled to her privacy. I don’t why people are so obessed with wanting to know about her private life. I don’t open all the details of my private life to anyone. I feel this is wrong. The thought of somebody hiring a private investigator because someone would not tell you what you wanted to know about them, sends chills down my spine. I would be angry if someone followed me and then put personal details about my private life on the internet for all to see.

    That’s just my 2 cts.

  58. Lisa J Says:

    my point exactly…..well said

    dont know. These pics dont really show anything that proves anything.

    Wheres the proof that Heidi Diaz IS the original LCF poster who went by the name kimmer? Sure Heidis name is on everything, but she may well just be a major investor in kimmers business. Might even be the de facto owner, but not the actual person who is dispensing the advice.

    Not saying I believe that, but I want to see the proof. Random pictures a fat lady at a mailbox dont ammount to evidence of anything other than the fact that she picks up mail.

  59. Lisa J Says:

    Couple of questions:

    1) if the photos are 3 weeks old, where have they been til now?
    2) where is the investigators written report?

    no one questioned this…but as soon as they saw the pics…immediately believed it???

  60. Kimkin är körd? « Low-carb-bloggen Says:

    […] Det finns mer bilder hr.  […]

  61. Marisa Says:

    If I were ‘Kimmer’ and someone had posted false photos of me that were detrimental to my business, you’d better believe I’d have lawyers filing lawsuits and getting injunctions within the hour against Slamboard, its owners and the PI who took them. I’d have a statement up on my site to that effect, too.

    Yet here it is 48 hours or so after the fact. The photos are still up and the silence from ‘Kimmer’ is deafening.

    Those of you who think the pictures are faked: how do you respond to that?

    To LisaJ and Bryan, if you read all of the rest of the information on this site about Kimkins and Heidi Diaz, the relationship is all spelled out clearly.

  62. Jenny Says:

    Kimmer says this on her site: Just for your curious concerned minds. hmmmm????

    Kimmer (Admin)


    Posts: 4611

    What is with people? 22 Minutes ago
    I wasn’t going to comment on the anti-Kimmer blogs or the photos because this is exactly what they want and I won’t oblige them.

    However, posting about Heidi and digging through her trash is absolutely disgusting. Thanks to all of you who sent PMs of concern and support. She’s OK with it, her first comment was “Did he have the car air conditioning on?” because it’s been 100+ degrees nearly all month in Corona. Many people have died from heat and her first concern was for him.

    What we don’t understand is the “secret”? What secret? Raise your hand if you joined with a check or money order. Who did you make the check out to? Heidi Diaz/Kimkins, right? That information has been on this site since we upgraded in May and was in email instructions for joining by check for a year before that. What’s new?

    Everything about Kimkins is in Heidi’s name and always has been. When my partnership with my former partner dissolved I borrowed money from everyone I knew to raise the buyout funds. They became my new partners. There are 5 plus me — not that it’s anyone’s business.

    Kimkins has grown to nearly 40,000 members. Does anyone honestly think I do this all by myself? We have working partners, paid staff, generous volunteers and tech crews. Two staffers are morbidly obese, we don’t discriminate against fat people here. We have people of different ethnicities and religions also, if anyone’s interested. Maybe the anti-Kimmer blogs would like a photo of our staff member who’s confined to a wheelchair, too? What is with these people?

    What they say about me doesn’t matter a flying frigg. When they start dragging other people into, it gets my dander up. OK, rant over. What’s the scientific calculation for jumping to conclusions?

    BTW, for those who have asked why we don’t accept credit card payment directly and use Paypal instead, the anti-Kimmer group is a good example. If you enter your CC info on our site, it remains in our database and is, theoretically hackable. To protect our members, we use Paypal.
    Please note, although no boardcode and smiley buttons are shown, they are still useable

  63. JanB Says:

    Whether or not the pictures are of the person who sells the diet plan Kimmers is really not the point. The point is that the diet is so terribly unsafe and should not be on the market at all. Seeing her terribly overweight is a sad testament to that fact. I would feel sorry for her if not for the fact that she is STILL TAKING MONEY IN from people who are trying to follow in her footsteps. She makes snake oil salesmen sound like good Samaritans. Shame, shame on you Kimmer.

  64. Mimi Says:

    Heads up! Heidi is now claiming that she is NOT KIMMER. She also has announced that even MORE fraudulent fund-raisers will soon be launched inside

  65. K+H are one and the same Says:

    It’s hilarious how Kimmer is trying to imply (but not outright state) that she is not Heidi Diaz.

    However, unfortunately for her, there are posts on LCF that reveal otherwise.

    Here she accidentally reveals her first name as Heidi:

    And here she states that her last name is Diaz:

    Oh, and the best part? In her post defending Heidi/herself, she silently admits that the pictures do indeed show Heidi Diaz (and, hence, herself). That hole just gets deeper and deeper.

  66. ItsTheWooo Says:

    Heidi diaz (the woman morbidly obese as of 2007) is clearly the woman in the before pics of “kimmer” (that is, THE WEIGHT LOSS “SUCCESS” kimmer ).

    This means one of two things:
    1) None of kimmers pictures are legit, not even her befores (neither her after, or her before, are of her, and she is not heidi diaz, and no one could possibly know who she is…)
    2) Kimmer is heidi diaz and presently morbidly obese

    Given the incredible amount of evidence (chronic refusal to show pics, or appear in public)… as well as deductive reason (few people would pretend to be morbidly obese without any incentive (remember, this was BEFORE she ever thought about milking $60 a pop from people) . If someone claims to be / have been obese (without any incentive to do so), and this person later denies this identity (when motive exists to benefit from such a denial)… odds are they were truthful the first time)…

    Well I have to conclude kimmer = heidi diaz = morbidly obese (as well as a compulsive liar, amoral, fraud, obviously suffering from some flavor type of cluster b personality disorder (as evidenced by her incredible difficulty sorting out self from nonself, right/wrong, truth/fiction, internal fantasy/external reality, and generally has sawdust for boundaries) )

  67. ItsTheWooo Says:

    At this point it really doesn’t matter what she says.

    Kimmer before = heidi diaz (this is so evident, it’s actually ironic that the only two kimmer pics that look the same, are the ones she would wish weren’t).
    Given it is obvious kimmer’s before = whoever heidi diaz is, she is checkmate either way.

    It means kimmer doesn’t have a before, which is the only proof she has she was once morbidly obese.
    The loss of the before totally invalidates her claim to weight-loss-guruhood. Without a before pic, she looses her claim to obesity, thus any *hope* for evidence that she has lost as much weight as she has claimed, and any footing to argue she has the first inkling about what goes on, or what is necessary, to permanently alter your lifestyle and make intelligent choices so as to produce sustainable weight loss (she has repeatedly demonstrated to have BS for knowledge bout physiology, no real clinical training or experience… the only feet she had have given out under the weight of evidence ;) )

    If she does maintain the before pic is her, the she automatically becomes heidi diaz, thus she must now be equated with the reality of heidi diaz (a severely morbidly obese woman). Again, she loses her credibility: she may be obese, but she no longer can claim to wear the evidence of some exclusive knowledge about how to change it.

    Ya know, kimkins has always been about fast weight loss, not sustainable weight loss.
    We may never know, but the irony is, kimkins may never have deceived customers in the first place. Kimkins will certain give you fast weight loss. Unfortunately you may so destroy your body and mind in the process that you end up like heidi diaz - fatter than ever in a few months time.

  68. Jenny Says:

    Now Kimmer is asking her members to make a good review of her site on the BBB (Better Business ….. I am gonna give a review alright.

    Here is link. You may need to cut and paste.

  69. ItsTheWooo Says:

    Just the fact that she admitted this woman is heidi diaz and the same one “employed by” is evidence enough.
    Why would “kimmer” (the persona of weight loss success) employ heidi diaz years and years ago, before existed? (because she used the name then, and had her pictures as befores).

    That is almost as good as a confession as far as I’m concerned. She would have been better to totally deny the pics, *or* maintain silence. Acknowledging that she is affiliated with her, cracks open a ray of light into her the bizarre perceptions that motivate her behavior (partitioning reality, and self, so as to maintain delusions and inconsistencies without actually becomming aware of them… essential skill for cluster b personality disorder types).
    It is very telling that she would own heidi diaz as a piece of herself (her kimkins empire). This tells me that some part of her is actually unaware of what she is doing… some part of her REALLY can’t filter between lies and the truth, reality from fantasy. She’s not just a conwoman, she’s likely emotionally and mentally disturbed.

  70. ItsTheWooo Says:

    I have to wonder if she ever really lost any weight. Did she just gain it all back when she couldn’t keep starving, or did she ever really starve herself to begin with?

  71. Kimmer Says:

    OKAY… So I slipped off my diet, big deal. I plan on starting again on Monday, so leave me alone!

  72. OceanBlue Says:

    Kimmer, if that really is you. Aren’t you always telling people not to wait? Just get back on now. Don’t even wait until tomorrow. Nice try.

  73. pretty gal Says:

    Thanks for posting these pictures I have just quit being a member “you cant ban me I have left” Kimkins. She is so sad. And she keeps claiming she is a size 4 and fits into model sizes and post pictures of Heidi Klum on her blog saying there is not excuse look at this supermodel what an abusive witch. Thanks for all the hard work uncovering this rat. Reminds me of George Orwells Animal Farm the controlling pig is now walking with two legs.

  74. Mimi Says:

    Just a repost to alert any latecomers to this thread:

    Link to the Better Business Bureau page to file either a Review or a Complaint re Kimmer/Kimkins:

    (One of my annoyingly long-winded posts above outlines the criteria for Reviews and for Complaints — there is a difference.)

    For those of you who care about seeing justice done in this matter, please go to Ducky’s “Kimkins Exposed” blog and follow reportage info there re Riverside County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) office head Barbara Hofman, State of California Foster Care Ombudsmans office, California State Attorney General’s Office, and the Federal Trade Commission.

    Please add your voice to the chorus requesting official investigation into this matter. Help stop this scammer and her dangerous scam before she strikes again — her next victim may be someone you care about — a mom, a daughter, a sister, or a friend.

  75. Mimi Says:

    Also — for those seeking a caring low carb support board, I and others here can wholeheartedly recommend ACL (”Active Low Carber) and LCL (”Low Carb Lounge”).

    Here are the links:

    Best wishes,
    Mimi a.k.a. MeeMee729

  76. fellforkimkinsbs Says:

    I hope this lying con artist gets put in jail.FILE COMPLAINTS PEOPLE!!! You’ve been duped.File with BBB and California Attoney general before more people get ill from this con artists diet plan.

  77. Miss Prissy Says:

    Kimmer posted this today about you and Catherine in Kimkins:

    Kimmer (Admin)


    Posts: 4639

    Re:Better Business Bureau Reviews

    The PI was a friend of a friend of a Kimkins member.

    This is all about is $$$. If this was a free site nobody would care. This was initiated by a banned Kimkins member who contacted my former partner (she had her email because she contacted her about doing a website).

    My former partner, Catherine McDonald, and her husband, Martin Higgins, left Nova Scotia due to tax matters to live in Malta (tiny island off of Italy). She approached me at LCF about doing an eBook when I posted I was leaving LCF (6 years of anti-Kimmer was enough LOL). Instead we did a website with forums for Kimkins members who were also being persecuted at LCF.

    Catherine wrote the Kimkins partnership contract (complete with typos) giving herself a 50% cut. We had steady membership sales and a few months later wanted to revise the contract to her advantage — including a buyout of 10 times previous month’s gross sales. Considering I didn’t even have the $175 it took to start the website and had to borrow from everyone I knew to comply with the existing $5K buyout clause when she left, I couldn’t agree to something as nebulous as 10X an undefined future figure — and I’d have no way to raise that kind of money anyway.

    Catherine’s part of the partnership was technical and customer service and she wanted to subcontract both of those duties with me paying 50% of those costs! Huh? Now, maybe I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but if someone else is doing Catherine’s work, refresh me on why I need a partner? But I stayed silent … except to say I wasn’t going to help pay anyone to do her job.

    The banned member (who has also been banned 10,000 times at LCF) contacted Catherine who is now kicking herself that she wasn’t a 50% partner when we got the magazine cover. Well, actually she’s kicking me.

    Catherine received all payments and paid me (late each month, but she paid). She paid all the bills and computed affiliate payouts. I’ll leave out the part about the financial irregularities when she turned over records and that I had to borrow more $$$ to make restitution to the affiliates (what was with all those declined commissions?) I’ll also leave out that she withheld $$$ for future expenses that was to be released after 6 months. That’s OK, she can keep it.

    I couldn’t do any better than a 50% deal for Catherine. She got greedy and lost her cash cow. She was betting on me being a computer idiot who couldn’t do it without her and that I’d curl up in the corner sucking my thumb begging her to come back.

    But Kimmer don’t roll that way.

    BTW, think nice thoughts for the tech guys today. When Catherine left we had no idea what to do with the tech side. She only gave us a few days (I suppose part of the pressure plan). Joomla expertise at the level a site this size needs isn’t easy to come by and there were amateur errors that needed modification. The new tech team worked 12 hours a day for free for the first 3 months.

    I think Catherine meant well initially, although she and her husband support themselves with subscription sites and Google ads (this is why each hot item about Kimmer is broken into several parts so they get more clicks). They probably expected Kimkins to be an ‘absentee partner’ endeavor. But she was also in over her head. A former secretary, Catherine taught herself web design. This is the website she created when she left:

    It does make me wonder whether her existing clients are aware that she has bashed a former partner and published not only details of a business agreement — but what she believed to be personal information about that partner? Hmmm.

    Raise your hand if you want to be partners with Catherine.

  78. Becky/Littlebit Says:



    Kimmer, I would 10x rather be her partner than have any business dealings with you.

  79. Kimkins Dangers Says:

    So, uh, Heidi.. about those pics……………….

    After reading your very long winded and verbose comment, I pause to reflect on two things.

    1) You just have to get in there and hurl insults at any opportunity you can, don’t you?

    2) Catherine was RIGHT to have left Kimkins - she was aware of the fraud and the lies and wanted to get away from you as fast as she could GOOD FOR HER!

    3) About those pics……………….. ?

  80. Becky/Littlebit Says:

    OK, I got mad, and probably should not have posted here in haste. I’m sorry.

    But, I’ve known Catherine, and I’ve known Kimmer.

    My statement still stands.

  81. all about the money Says:

    all abut the money…thats what this is about

  82. Martin Says:

    For the record, the person who just commented as “all about the money” has also commented as “im a believer”, “losing fat ass”, and “Lisa J”. Lisa, how about picking one handle and sticking with it?

  83. GiveItABreakAlready Says:

    You have no proof positive. I drive my moms car and that doesnt make me her. It sounds like this couple has a case of the bad sour grapes because they are not on the money train anymore. Believe you me if they were getting compensated they wouldnt be complaining. This is no worse than TV evangelists fooling old & sick people into sending their lifesavings to them-I dont see you people rushing to protect those who could really use the help. Let the buyer beware-if youre stupid enough to buy into it then face the music. I havent seen one teenager story that speaks out against Kimkims or who has been damaged by it-so I agree-get off your high horses and champion people who really need the help such as the infirm or elderly.

  84. Stiffie Says:

    I just ran across this site…I’m a Kimkins member and someone posted in my lj about this. I am neutral for the most part, but it’s like fun detective work trying to figure this all out!

    OceanBlue asks who the chick in the red dress is…earlier Mimi stated one of Kimmer’s pictures was of Jaclyn Smith…I googled her (because I’m young and apparently ridiculously dumb :) ) and saw Jaclyn was an original Charlie’s Angel…and to be honest, I think the red dress picture looks like her (though the quality looks too ‘new’ to be her looking so young now).

    Here is a random thought…one of the success stories is of a woman named Bambi, I believe, who lost 100+. Cute petite little short haired woman. From what I remember (I haven’t read it for a while) she has gone legally blind now, however I think she said she worked with Kimmer/went in where Kimmer volunteered at? Sooooooo….why doesn’t someone ask Bambi what Kimmer’s real name is (though we’ve got it confirmed through all of the piece put together, obviously). And why doesn’t Bambi feel her up and down and tell us if the cellulite is still going strong? :)

  85. Kimmerexia Says:

    Martin sez: “For the record, the person who just commented as all about the money has also commented as im a believer, losing fat ass, and Lisa J. Lisa, how about picking one handle and sticking with it?”

    “Lisa J” perhaps as in Lisa Jackson, the now or former “Event Planning & Meetings Director” at Kimkins?

  86. Tyna Says:

    I Know this woman personally and the woman in the pictures IS Heidi Diaz.
    She is my ex’s mother.
    She has been a scam artist for many years.

  87. Becky/Littlebit Says:

    Thanks for stepping up and speaking, Tyna!

  88. Lisa J Says:

    whocares…like you never change your name? Its sammymomma…the one whos been banned from low carb friends because I think you are all freaks with no life

  89. Lisa J Says:

    This is what you do to all who dont want to follow your click? LOSER!!!

    Kimmerexia Says:

    September 11th, 2007 at 3:46 pm
    Martin sez: For the record, the person who just commented as all about the money has also commented as im a believer, losing fat ass, and Lisa J. Lisa, how about picking one handle and sticking with it?

    Lisa J perhaps as in Lisa Jackson, the now or former Event Planning & Meetings Director at Kimkins

  90. Me Says:

    Lisa J says:whocareslike you never change your name? Its sammymommathe one whos been banned from low carb friends because I think you are all freaks with no life

    Interesting…seeing how you just posted there RIGHT AFTER you typed this.

    If you guys (lisa, Kimmer, et al) are gonna lie, at least keep them straight please. Geez!

  91. Kimmerexia Says:

    Lisa J barks: “whocareslike you never change your name? Its sammymommathe one whos been banned from low carb friends because I think you are all freaks with no life”

    Awww…you got banned. Tsk. Tsk.

    Lisa J freaks out: “This is what you do to all who dont want to follow your click? LOSER!!!”

    The term is “clique”, dear. And what does Heidi do to those who don’t fall in line with her clique?

    I’ll also take that as full confirmation that I am correct that Lisa J/sammymomma/all about the money/im a believer/losing fat ass is in fact one Lisa Jackson, the now or former Event Planning & Meetings Director at Kimkins.

    Hey Lisa..,congratulations…you’ve got more freakin’ identities than Heidi Kimberly ‘Kimmer’ ‘Kim Drake’ [Miller] Diaz!!!

  92. kimmerexia Says:

    Lisa J barks: whocareslike you never change your name? Its sammymommathe one whos been banned from low carb friends because I think you are all freaks with no life

    Awwwyou got banned. Tsk. Tsk.

    Lisa J freaks out: This is what you do to all who dont want to follow your click? LOSER!!!

    The term is clique, dear. And what does Heidi do to those who dont fall in line with her clique?

    Ill also take that as full confirmation that I am correct that Lisa J/sammymomma/all about the money/im a believer/losing fat ass is in fact one Lisa Jackson, the now or former Event Planning & Meetings Director at Kimkins.

    Hey Lisa..,congratulationsyouve got more freakin identities than Heidi Kimberly Kimmer Kim Drake [Miller] Diaz!!!

  93. Lisa J Says:

    you are just sooo wrong

  94. Lisa J Says:

    and…you are such a bully

  95. Kimmerexia Says:

    Lisa J whines: “you are just sooo wrong”

    Lisa J pouts: “andyou are such a bully”

    Make up your mind…take your pick…either I’m wrong and irrelevant or I’m a bully because I’m right.

    If I’m wrong, why would this matter so much to you that you keep responding, Lisa Jackson?

  96. Martin Says:

    Kimmerexia, I’m virtually certain that LisaJ is not Lisa Jackson.

  97. So Sorry Says:

    I have been following this story for awhile now. No I have never done Kimkins. And actually did not even know about this diet until 2months ago or so when someone asked about it on another diet board. Since then I have been drawn into this crazy story.

    Let me just say I am so sorry for those of you that either were or are currently being scammed by the con artist. From all I have read that is what this woman is a con artist. She has admitted many times in the past what her name was, a first name here, a middle name there, a last name over here. And for her to try and deny she is Heidi Diaz now just shows she is loony. And those that continue to believe her lies need to wake up and see she is a liar and has you fooled. You want to believe so bad that this woman is the real deal you cannot see her lies.

    I mean come on what woman that has developed diet plan that has helped her lose hundreds of pounds would not wanna meet and show people it works. Yet she refuses to meet people and prove this plan worked in the long term for her the founder.

    Heidi Diaz is a fake, phoney, a scammer and a con artist. People need to wake up and see this. If an outsider looking in can see this surely current members can see this.

    And before someone says I am just an overweight person jealous of her success this is not true of me. I have went for 160 to 135 since june. I did this by counting calories (1400-1500 range) and exercise. Oh and drinking water and counting caffeine.

  98. Lisa j Says:

    Thank you martin…
    kimmerexia- Ill accept an apology anytime. and sorry if I called you a bully.

  99. slamboard » Blog Archive » Part I - The Business Partnership Case Study Says:

    […] SEPTEMBER 2007 UPDATE: We now have real pictures of Kimmer. As many people suspected, she is a morbidly obese woman — not the svelte 118-pound diet success she has claimed to be. See the pictures here: Kimmer surveillance picture, Kimmer at the mail box, more surveillance Kimmer photos. […]

  100. Kimmerexia Says:

    Lisa j sez: “Thank you martin
    kimmerexia- Ill accept an apology anytime. and sorry if I called you a bully.”

    What exactly do you think *I* need to apologize for? And please be specific and quote whatever it is I’ve posted that should require such an apology.

    The connection between Lisa J/sammymomma and Lisa Jackson, the now or former Event Planning & Meetings Director at Kimkins, was already construed on LCF. Although I wasn’t the one to construe that there, I’ve suggested the same here and you’ve quite freaked out about it, which has only lead me to the conclusion that the connection is probably correct.

    Martin now says he’s “virtually certain” that you are not Lisa Jackson. Not sure what he knows, but it is hereby noted that sammymomma on LCF, whom you’ve identified yourself as being, removed the “Lisa J” from your siggy there right after the suggested connection to Lisa Jackson was made.

    So, who or what am I to believe?

  101. Lisa j Says:

    believe what you what…i am Kimmer

  102. Kimmerexia Says:

    Lisa J sez: “believe what you whati am Kimmer”

    Wouldn’t surprise me.

  103. notaheidifan Says:

    I am writing to give you first-hand info regarding Kimmers aka Heidi Kimberly Miller Diaz. Yes, those photos are of her in front of her apartment. Yes, she is bald and doesn’t wear her wig at home. No, the photo of the woman in the red dress is not Heidi. Heidi is a 49-year-old mentally ill woman. She has served jail time for her cons in the past. This is just her latest (and most successful con) in a long string of evil behavior. She has used Brandon since he came to live with her last year. He was living with his father and step-mother because Heidi was deemed unfit to care for him. His father moved to Washington to get away from Heidi and her constant harrassment of his family. Brandon chose to stay with his mother in California. He is an innocent victim of this latest con. Heidi long ago ruined her credit and since Brandon has just turned 18, she now has access to his. Heidi has legally been on disability for mental illness since before Brandon was born. She has conned the IRS, the Social Security Administration, the foster care people, her own brother and anyone who will give her money. She has ripped off her ex-husband, impersonated his wife at their bank and many other scams. She made up an internet story years ago about how someone stole her Avon products and money from orders. She made this up along with a sad tale of being a single disabled mother, blah, blah and got people to give her money all while her district manager was sitting in the hospital with her young son who died of cancer. There was no theft. She has ripped off her older son, his girlfriend and anyone who crosses her path. She has been diagnosed as a dangerous sociopath (a criminal with no conscience), behavior Kimkins members are seeing now. She is smart enough to run a good con but then gets over-confident and messes up. Yes, the detective found incriminating evidence in her trash because she wasn’t smart enough to shred it. The photos took 6 days to obtain because she never left her apartment. She was on the computer for hours on end. When Brandon is home, she goes down in the apartment parking area and talks on her cell phone in her green van (yes, it’s hers). You need to quit giving her money and sympathy. She is evil. What kind of a mother chooses to cram her apartment full of foster boys in order to collect money for them but won’t raise her own son because he takes up space she needs for a paying customer? What kind of mother sends her son to school with notes filled with lies about missing school because she has “cancer treatments” when she was just too drunk to get up and get going? What kind of mother uses her son for her own monetary gain and risks his reputation and safety for her own greed? I know many of you don’t want to believe this is true but believe it! All of this Kimkins stuff just became known to me this evening. The only surprise is that this time, she really made some big money. Please call the Corona DA and stop her. She needs to go back to jail. She has no employees, that’s why she’s on the computer all the time. There is no overweight woman working for her and there is no one in a wheelchair. She works out of her two-story apartment, I would love to see a wheelchair go up those stairs! She is misusing her niece’s name (Vanessa Romero) as a “false” employee. She has no business giving diet advice. She has been obese for years and even had her stomach stapled years ago. She can’t manage her own weight, don’t let her tell you what to eat or belittle you. She is taking you all for a ride, I’m sorry but it’s true.

  104. All about Kimkins & more Says:

    […] September 22nd, 2007 Heidi Kimberly Diaz aka Kimmer of has misrepresented herself in the form of a 118 lbs woman as seen here and here in order to gain money for the “secret” of her plan (viewable for every body at LCF) and her personal support. […]

  105. Jeff Johnson Says:

    Life is interesting

    Kicking someone when ‘their’ down is more or less a disgusting display

    Looking at Kimkins website - which is excellent by the way - you will find a large number of before and after photo’s of people who have lost a bunch of weight and have done it quickly -

    At 60.00 bucks - this is a bargain for those who need this sort of help -

    The talk about low calorie diets being a danger is total nonsense and is only applicable once one reaches 3-5% body fat - which few posters here will ever see - maybe in their dreams ?

    So we have a pack of tubby butts attracting another apparently tubby butt -

    A small amount of coconut-butter-cheese-olive oil- flax seed- peanut butter- a little bit of unsweetened bakers chocolate and one or two nuts and the fat from a few seeds is enough fat to keep any one from any not enough fat - related problem

    The six or seven fats listed here all add up quickly in calories if these amounts are not carefully controlled

    And yet we have people crying here like baby calves in the morning who haven’t had their morning feeding yet

    The last 20 pounds on a diet are the hardest to get rid of - with the exception of naturally lean people who can get cut and ripped on any and I mean any calorie restricted diet -

    Tubby’s don’t have this option - the standard Atkins 60-80 fat - 20 protein - 5 carbs will fail them at a certain point - about 10-20 pounds short of looking good -

    They will have hanging skin and a stomach pouch and stringy looking pathetic arms

    Because they have lost so much muscle along with the fat

    The kimkin’s diet if anything is too low in protein -

    A 1000 -1200-1500 calorie range diet for mid size people is plenty

    1300-1400 calorie diet -

    200 grams protein -

    800 calories mostly from equal parts tuna fish and whey protein powder and only one egg a day

    300 calories of good fats

    200-300 calories from mostly raw carbs

    is what a sane fat loss diet should look like

    However - if your desired look is the ever popular stomach pooch - stringy arms and sagging skin look - then have it way -

    Kimkins has helped people - I hope she can someday help herself -

    in the mean time - she deserves a handshake and a pat on the back for helping a few tubby butts get a better looking body.

  106. Leigh Anne Says:

    I earn my living as a nutrition specialist. About two years back, I visited Low Carb daily as part of my own personal support group to lose some unwanted pounds. I can clearly recall reading many of “Kimmers” posts and being shocked at what she claimed she was doing in the name of Low Carb. She had even developed quite a following at the time. On several occasions, I debated with her regarding the extreme low calories (800 or less) and her responses were often belittling and just plain rude. I’m awfully glad to see that folks are wising up and realizing that she isn’t the great diet guru that she made herself out to be. Her ideas on dieting are just plain suicide!!

  107. The Kimkins Diet Scam | Scam Types dot Com Says:

    […] Firstly, her amazing weight loss is supported by ‘before and after’ photos. Critics say that her after photos are not of the same person and may even be of multiple different people, some as young as 20. Another site I found shows photos taken by a private investigatorwhich seem to quite clearly show Kimmer as being someone who had gained weight rather than lost any. This discrepancy over her weight may explain why she is quite reclusive, even declining to meet her own members. […]

  108. Josette Says:

    Say what you will about KIMKINS or any other low-carb diet… or any diet in general. If you take anything to the EXTREME, you’re not going to have good results.

    I was on the KIMKINS boards when people were posting that 1,000 or 800 calories was too much in a day. I read some of the FITDAY journals of some of the people losing weight successfully (including cover model Christin who lost 100 in 5 months) to see what they were doing. To me, it was too extreme.

    I had been dieting and exercising from January 18, 2007 till June 9, 2007 and only lost 16 pounds. I was building muscle, granted, but it was too slow. So I jumped on KIMKINS when I saw that article in the Woman’s World Magazine, and yes, I was losing weight. I’ve lost a total of 60 pounds since January… 44 of that was on KIMKINS. Well, MY VERSION of KIMKINS, I should say.

    I eat protein (all meat kinds, fatty or not), some cheese, a little half-n-half in my morning coffee, eggs (whites mostly), and low-carb veggies. I have a big green leafy salad every day with one of my meals (think salad w/some chicken on it), if not two salads. I drink lots of water and TAZO caffine free iced tea, and maybe a diet soda every day if I need an afternoon boost instead of hitting the vending area. I take a multi-vitamin. I eat hot dogs. And yes, I eat red meat - daily. I love it!

    Here’s the deal - when you eat a lot of salt (hot dogs, etc), it retains water… aka - no weight loss. Mostly processed foods will do that. I lose weight better when I make the meals at home, but I’m realistic and busy, so I do sometimes eat out. A meat salad at Chipotle (minus carb-filled rice, beans), a bacon cheeseburger (minus the bun) at Five Guys, a chicken salad with a few peanuts as an appetizer at Logan’s. I know when I eat out, I’m taking a chance on ingredients, but I watch the scale and my ketone strips, and make rational decisions. I’m not going to deny my need to eat just because I’m busy/out… nor am I going to go comando on my portions or fat counts.

    But I’m going to watch what happens when I eat certain food items on the scale, and act accordingly. Not losing weight this week? Maybe eating out so much wasn’t a good idea. Lost more weight this week? Maybe walking everyday, drinking lots of water, and eating more home-cooked meals made a difference.

    One thing is certain - low carb takes away my sugar cravings, and my obsession with food is gone. I eat when I’m hungry, small meals, 5-6 times a day. I feel great! I look great! And I’m inspiring those around me, which is a nice positive motivator.

    Looking for someone to get good information from r/e low-carb dieting? Atkins-friendly Jimmy Moore on LIVING LA VIDA LOW CARB has a great website and even a free podcast. I subscribe via iTunes, and it’s great information and support.

    The KIMKINS boards, or any boards for that matter that support you, are a good idea. Stay in touch with people, stay accountable, and stay on target. You’re going to lose weight - you’re going to be healthy - and you’re going to be among friends. Just please, please, use your head when you diet… just like anything else. If it feels wrong (aka - eating 300 - 800 calories a day), then perhaps you shouldn’t do it… duh.

    Short story: I used to love phen-phen. Remember that drug combo that got all the bad press when people had heart problems, etc? My friend, Katy, and I went on that about 10 years ago at approximately the same time.

    The great thing about PHEN-PHEN was that it removed my constant hunger, which was great! (BTW, this happens with Low-carb diets as well… your hunger and cravings change once you’ve kicked the sugar and white flour dependancy). I could actually follow a diet and not feel like I was deprived. But here’s the difference - I ACTUALLY LISTENED TO MY DOCTOR AND FOLLOWED HIS INSTRUCTIONS WHEN GIVEN THIS DRUG. I drank all my water. I ate regulated meals at regular intervals - even though I didn’t feel like eating at all. I exercised, and got plenty of rest. And the weight just came off… steadily. It was great.

    My friend Katy, also taking PHEN-PHEN, fell into the trap that so many people, incluing some folks from KIMKINS, fell into… obession. She was SOOOOO happy to be losing weight, and especially to not be hungry or suffering from intense cravings anymore, that she went overboard. She barely drank water - mostly coffee and diet soda. She ate maybe 5 baby carrots a day… so that her family would see her eating. Oh yeah, and she had the daily cocktail at the bar with some pals. And she was losing weight at a rapid pace.

    She was losing faster than I was, but I didn’t let it get to me. I did inherit her clothes as she shrunk out of them, which was nice! But she always razzed me that she was losing faster. I had no idea at the time that she was not eating or drinking as recomended… I just thought she had a better metabolism.

    Fast forward to the media revelation that some people had heart issues with the medication. Katy had developed heart problems. She was losing her hair. Does this sound familiar? (it is happening now with poor Christin, she is SO brave to come out and say what she’s going thru and appologize to everyone.)

    It took me almost 17 years to regain that weight, from not eating correctly, but it came back slowly but surely. I basically ate whatever I wanted, whenever my body wanted something. Most of the weight was gained between Thanksgiving and New Years every year… to the tune of 10 to 20 pounds. The slow creep on a tall girl like me, but that all ended in January of this year.

    IN CONCLUSION - please, please, do your research. Think. Try that common sense thing. If a doctor tells you to start or stop doing something, perhaps you should listen. I’ve reviewed my diet with my doctor, and he approved it - calories, low carb, and all. My boyfriend is on it now, and has not only lost 20+ pounds, but got to change blood pressure medications because his health is so vastly improved.

    Be safe, be well, and please, be happy. You deserve the best!

    ~ Josette ~

  109. Lisa j Says:

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    most before and afters were FAKES…LOL

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