Today I Publish Pictures Taken By A Southern California Private Investigator

I have obtained pictures from a Southern California private investigator. He believes the pictures are Heidi Diaz — Kimmer from Kimkins. I was SHOCKED.

UPDATE: I just heard from the private investigator who conducted surveillance, and he wants it made clear that he is certain the photos are of Heidi Diaz. More soon.

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13 Responses to “Today I Publish Pictures Taken By A Southern California Private Investigator”

  1. Slamboard Plans to Publish Heidi Diaz (Kimmer) Pics Today! » Kimkins Controversy Says:

    […] Read more here …. […]

  2. Tooter Says:

    Oh my gosh Martin. Thank you for getting pictures. Great job.

  3. Miss Prissy Says:

    Hey, don’t keep us waiting too long - this is too big to keep under wraps! The duckster posted a 10-day countdown recently…..did they know about your PI?

  4. Can't wait! Says:

    Hurry up!!! I am dying of excitement!!

  5. Kimkins Dangers Says:

    Great job, Martin! We know that PI’s are not cheap and it was a huge investment on your part to obtain these images. Can’t wait to see them!

  6. greegreeyaya Says:

    Martin I agree, don’t keep us waiting too long!!! LOL
    AN-TI-CI-PATION is making me wait…..

  7. losing fat ass Says:

    so where are they?

  8. Kasey Says:

    OMG your killing me…
    ::Pushes refresh::

  9. kar_kar Says:

    omg…some of us need to get work done today, post already!!! :D

  10. CKDoodle Says:

    Go to Slamboard - there is one posted now!

  11. Interesting… « Limenade And Watermelon… Says:

    […] Someone hired a private investigator and there are supposed to be real pictures of Kimmer. Not red dress Kimmer. Not animal print Kimmer. Not Jacquelyn Smith (honestly…anyone over the age of 30 would recognize one of the original Charlie’s Angels…or if you watched Shear Genius on Bravo TV) Kimmer. A real candid shot of Miss Heidi The-Best-Diet-Guru-Since-Richard-Simmons Diaz. The blogger who hired the PI was shocked when he saw the pictures. […]

  12. Karol Anne Says:

    I am so confused YET so thankful. The weekend that the article came out in Woman’s Day, I like many others dipped into my paypal account & joined Kimkins. BUT ( I guess by fate) my login never worked and I reported it to paypal who in turn refunded my money. I am so glad I found this website because as much as I want to lose the weight I like to research my options, and for awhile after that article I would go onto google and type in “Kimkins failures” or other similar searches and NOTHING ever came up just people professing the “miracle”. Well I am glad I waited, and found you guys and this site. There is nothing worse than someone selling a “dream”! Especially when alot of people NEED to lose weight for health reasons like myself! Thank you, and God bless you all for being strong and getting the word out. By the way I looked at those pictures HOW DARE HER!

  13. Surveillance Sydney Says:

    It’s good the truth is finally out. This Kimkins diet is a scam.

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