What I Learned Today: Orphaned Pages

There is a weird feeling that I get whenever I get a glimpse of just how much I DON’T know about internet marketing and SEO. Reading a Technology Blog is generally stressful for me.

The blog over at DatabanqMedia.com has an interesting post about the pitfalls of orphaned pages. Until a few minutes ago, I had never heard of orphaned pages. Now I am worried that I probably have them. An orphan page is one that has no inbound links as a result of some restructuring of your site.

David Bayer is President of DataBanq Media and in this post he uses several diagrams and analogies to explain how orphaned pages can affect your Google rank.

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One Response to “What I Learned Today: Orphaned Pages”

  1. Denise Says:

    Gosh, sometimes I feel like I need a degree in SEO to get all of this stuff down. Has anyone created a degree in this yet? It seems every little thing we do creates either a hit or a miss with the search engines, from wearing the wrong color socks when you’re online to typing too fast. Do you ever just feel like enough is enough? Can’t we simplify it?

    Thanks for the article, I’ll have to reread it a couple of times to absorb it.

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