An Insignificant Blog Post About The Kimkins Scam

I have been busy with a lot of other things while this whole Kimkins thing rolls along towards some inevitable conclusion. I am making a post at this time because I noticed that the top hits on a Technorati search for Kimkins are all from affililiates and other Kimkins proponents. Technorati searches are listed with the most recent blog posts at the top. Relevance and authority doesn’t factor into the order.

Bloggers who are interested in trying to prevent people from researching Kimkins without seeing the truth should post often.

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8 Responses to “An Insignificant Blog Post About The Kimkins Scam”

  1. Just Ducky Says:

    Please remove the automatic ad download from your site. Not all visitors to your site have protection to prevent automatic download of these ads, some which may be infected with viruses, spyware or adware.

    Well check back with the slamboard website and alert our readers when the automatic download for ads are removed. In the meantime, we caution our readers about clicking to slamboards if you do not have adequate protection on your computer to prevent these ads from downloading to your hard drive.

  2. Just Ducky Says:

    This only started this morning, before that we had nothing popping up when we clicked your links. When we click to your site and onto any pages, we are presented with a file download from and our firewall prevents it from downloading automatically with the dialogue box to accept or deny (we keep denying it). Can you look into why this is happening?

  3. Becky/Littlebit Says:

    Kimkins is sending out a series of ‘blogging lessons’ to affiliates.

    I got one yesterday from ‘Brad Johnson’ - even though I have already asked to be removed from the affiliate list.

    I reported it as spam.

  4. Doggygirl Says:

    Just doing my part to help get the word out about Kimmer. Feel free to link to my blog.

    Thanks for everything you have done, and continue to do to expose this con artist.


  5. Just Ducky Says:

  6. No Kimkins Says:

    Thank you for all of your efforts and hard work to expose this dangerous woman!

  7. Kimmerexia Says:


  8. Susan Says:

    My being an adoptive mother to 14 kids….Heidi…er Kimmer…and I had numerous conversations about her MANY foster boys during my time on Kimkins. She even said in public chat that one of them was drinking and crashed her car, causing some legal trouble!
    I spent nearly a week in the hospital in April of 07 with “Stroke-like” symptoms…little did I know theyre starvation symptoms! I told the DRs I was “eating low-carb” as I knew they didnt know the kimkin plan now I feel SO stupid! Thousands of $ in CAT Scans and MRI costs…not to mention the Dr. charges…I simply could scream!
    May the truth about Kimiins be known!

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