Is a Place for Partisan Politics?

I got sidetracked yet again while researching an unrelated topic and I was struck by how defensive and political the language is on I have been there before and I seem to remember is being more statesmanlike and less political. Here are a couple of snippets of text that appear on the landing page:

Just the Facts: Top Five Reasons the Democrats’ “New” SCHIP Bill Is Actually More of the Same

Setting The Record Straight: Speaker Pelosi Misleads on SCHIP

House FISA Legislation the Wrong Direction for Our National Security

I guess it makes sense that an embattled administration would use its most relevant internet presence to further it’s goals. I still have to go back to the Wayback and see if the tone and layout was different before 2006…

I was mistaken, I looked at a page from September 1999 and there is one headline that is critical of the GOP…

GOP Tax and Budget Plan Could Force Drastic Cuts in Key Programs

I guess the goals consequent tone of this website is very dependent on the political landscape and also where they are in the election cycle.

…an unrelated item

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