Reality Check


Heidi Diaz has decided to, in her words, come clean on the Kimkins website. She is no longer claiming to look like any of these after photos. I couldn’t help but notice that the recent photograph of the real Kimmer that was added to the website today looks a bit vertically stretched. I am curious as to what other people think.

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19 Responses to “Reality Check”

  1. SinKittyVixen Says:

    I hope that this is it. I hope for her members and herself that she truly comes clean.

  2. Victoria Says:

    She can’t use a REAL pricture of herself. No one would sign up for her program!

  3. Michell Says:

    I am thinking how disillusioned this poor woman is that, after all the videos her on tv and, people will believe these photos either.

    Amazing what you can do with photoshop….

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Okay, so I’m not a wizard with Photoshop. Could you please explain how you know that the recent “real” Kimmer photo has been vertically stretched? In any case, it’s obvious that something is fishy in Kimmerland. She says she now weighs about 294 pounds. If she has told the truth about her height (5′6″), I’m the same height she is, and she looks like I did at 200 pounds.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Never mind. It doesn’t take Photoshop at all. I put the blue dress Kimmer picture next to the recent “real” Kimmer picture and lined up the eyes, the left elbows and the tips of the fingers on the left hands. In order to make it match, I had to squash the recent “real” picture until it looked like number 3 in your series. Looks like Miss Kimmer is still lying to all of us!

  6. Martin Says:

    The second and third picture are stretched horizontally by 110% and 120% respectively compared to the ‘original’ from the Kimkins site. I personally think the actual Heidi is somewhere in between photo #2 and photo #3. I just dealt with round numbers when creating the comparison, I wasn’t trying for any type of accuaracy. The resolution of the original is very low.

  7. scoble Says:

    The sad part is that this woman continues to deal in lies. There is no way that the picture on the KK site is her now. And I personally think that the real picture is somwhere after the 3rd one up there. I just don’t understand why someone hasn’t gotten a pic of her when she arrived at court Monday. No matter what though, as long as they allow her website to be up, more and more people will continue to be hurt by this diet scam. I wonder how many sad, desperate overweight people flocked to the site of the Morning Show the other day?

  8. Laura Says:

    From the local Corona newspaper:

  9. katlady Says:

    Who does Heidi Diaz aka kimmer think she is fooling anymore? The pics show missing pixels and have been obviously doctored.
    She has lied about everything to do with herself and Kimkins for the past few years so why would anyone think she is “coming clean” now? More spin to keep the masses hooked and rake in more money while preying on desperate overweight people with no consideration to any damage her misguided advice will do.

    If Heidi Kimmer opens her mouth you can bet it is a lie coming out.

    Sad and disgusting.

  10. Loriann Says:

    This woman is completely pathetic. I just hope that everyone who has worked so hard to get the word out will continue to do so and prevent as many as possible from being harmed by her. She is either deranged or demon possessed to continue at this point. The pictures look fake. You can’t really see her face, as usual.

  11. Louisa Says:

    The fabric of the shirt falls in EXACTLY the same place even though she’s lost weight. What she did was take the first picture and stretch it out. It would have been more realistic if she changed clothes, or you know hand position. Between teh second and third picture her hair is in the EXACT same position

  12. Martin Says:

    Louisa, I took one photo from the Kimkins site and made two altered versions of it for the purposes of illustration, Kimmer only published the image on the left.

  13. disbelieving Says:

    Well, she was on the stand this week, courtroom questioning of her was televised. She does not look like any of those pics, photoshopped or not. She is huge. She admits to lying. She admits to scamming. She admits to using “after” pictures, photos taken of russian brides from someone else’s website. I am amazed that her website is STILL up and running, and I am horrified that there are people still “partnered” with her such as Two Peas in a Bucket…that’s disgusting. A scrapbooking site that seems geared largely to mothers and children…

  14. Damn Shame Says:

    This makes no since. It is very messed up of her to put other peoples health at risk and not even give them a hit as to the fact that they may be sick or close to death. And for the lady that she fired should be released from her contract and they should stop using her picture on kmikins shit. And if she has a problem with anything that I’m saying or currently reading this all I have to say to you is that if you think the diet is so great how about you take yo ass on it and tell me who you fell.

  15. tom dais Says:

    u fat bitch u suck my name is tom dais we dont knot make up lies im over weight how could you you of all people know how hard it is to lose weight

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  17. Jade Says:

    If you take a look at the pictures you can tell its the exact same picture. The way she’s position, the way her arms are position, her hair, the smile everything is the same. For a person whose lost weight the curves should also be somewhat different since you should’ve lost some sort of fat but her curves are the same in each picture. The huge lump of fat that sits on her right hip in the last picture is the exact same shape as the one in the first picture.

  18. Martin Says:

    Jade, the three pictures are all the same picture. This post was made after Heidi use the one on the left as her after picture on Kimkins.

    This post is confusing when removed from the discussion that was taking place when it was first published.

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