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Don’t Buy Crap For Christmas

Monday, November 26th, 2007

This is a good example of what NOT to buy this Christmas. I am posting from a PC with no speakers, so I don’t even know how bad this gadget sounds. If you want to add some seasonal music to your home or workplace, why not put together a YouTube playlist of music that actually sounds nice?

Here is a really pleasant bit of music that I found, two instrumentalists going through some variations of Greensleeves. This is actually the perfect music for December since some people will hear it and think of the Christmas carol that appropriated the melody and others will simply hear some really old music.

Best Comment Spam Ever of the Day

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Most comment spammers don’t even try that hard to fool the smart people. This one does a stellar job of exploiting a common human foible known as vanity.


If there are any 8 year olds reading my blog, I would like to get in touch. I am going on vacation soon and it would be cool to have a guest blogger for a few days. I can’t pay much.

What is With the Haters?

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Fat acceptance advocates’ positions have sparked criticism and mockery.

This is a very accurate statement in the Wikipedia entry for fat acceptance movement. I recently approved a comment on this blog that was hateful and derogatory towards fat people. I don’t approve of the comment, but I had said from the outset that I was going to publish all comments that were relevant to the Kimkins controversy. The comment made me curious about the two extremes of fat acceptance and fat hatred. When I went to the Wikipedia article for the Fat Acceptance Movement, it was immediately obvious that it had been vandalized.

You can see a screenshot HERE. There is some obscene language.