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Aptera Electric Car is a Go

Friday, December 28th, 2007

The Aptera has a certain appeal. It is an electric car that looks sleek and goes fast. It is competitively priced. I am not sure how the oil companies are going to kill it. It is interesting to note that the company thought outside the box when it came to dealing with present regulations. In the eyes of the DOT it is a motorcycle.

Do Blogs Suck?

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

I just finished reading a lengthy and thought provoking post on the blog at that highlights some of the flaws and limitations of blogs. The criticisms are from the point of view of someone who is looking for relevant information about making money online. John Chow is used an example of a popular blogger. If you go to and spend a portion of your free time reading his advice and opinions, you may not be seeing the big picture on a given topic. If you find an active forum thread that relates to the same topic, you will find more opinions and you may find some information that is more useful. Another minus for blogs is the possibility that critical responses may be deleted.

I don’t delete critical comments, but I think the approval process itself discourages people from commenting. I went to full moderation during a critical period of the Kimkins stuff because people were making comments that started with ‘Please don’t post.’

I think that I will remove the moderation soon, allowing any post that is not caught by the spam catcher to be published immediately.[edit: I am presently not moderating comments, anyone who is not in Akismet’s bad books and does not have more than two outgoing links will have their comment instantly posted.]

I think one disadvantage with forums is the volume of information/chat that can eat up your free time while you wade through it looking for information that is of value. The best example that I can think of in this regard is the Why the fascination with Kimmer? thread(s) on the Low Carb Friends board. This forum has been a valuable source of information for the Kimkins story, but I do not read it. I wait for other people to read it and quote the interesting stuff in blogs. For the uninitiated who might want to read these threads, be warned, there are 12 threads totaling 42,675 replies and counting.

Google Through the Back Door by John Chow

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

chow1.JPGI am way late in making any kind of commentary about John Chow getting manually punished by Google for his not not evil ways, so I won’t bother. I will focus instead on page two of the Google search query for John Chow. It contains an entry for John Chow’s MyBlogLog page and the text blurb is written by John Chow. It is the highest ranking page over which he has any editorial control. His holiday wishes are expressed on this page at this time. I suspect that is getting more Google traffic than, but every little bit helps.

The URL for my full name is taken, but I really need to make a point of getting domains for my kids. Having a your name as a URL is a tremendous asset if you don’t blow it by ticking Google off.