Google Through the Back Door by John Chow

chow1.JPGI am way late in making any kind of commentary about John Chow getting manually punished by Google for his not not evil ways, so I won’t bother. I will focus instead on page two of the Google search query for John Chow. It contains an entry for John Chow’s MyBlogLog page and the text blurb is written by John Chow. It is the highest ranking page over which he has any editorial control. His holiday wishes are expressed on this page at this time. I suspect that is getting more Google traffic than, but every little bit helps.

The URL for my full name is taken, but I really need to make a point of getting domains for my kids. Having a your name as a URL is a tremendous asset if you don’t blow it by ticking Google off.

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2 Responses to “Google Through the Back Door by John Chow”

  1. Allan Cheng Says:

    My name is too generic….so it was taken ever since I was a small kid. At least I own #2 and #3. My friend went nuts despite having his .com already owned. He owns .ca .org .info and other derivatives and his initials.

  2. Tina Kubala Says:

    When setting up my blog on my own domain, I didn’t want to tie myself down to my blog title “The Creative Nerd.” I tried to get TinaLouise, but it was taken, so after much thought I went with my name. There is so much fear mongering about internet safety right now that I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it, but I don’t regret getting it because of all the hours I’ve spent getting my url out will never be considered waisted because they all come back to branding myself.

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