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Slow Christmas Spending Makes Retailers Sad

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

This early report comes from the folks at Mastercard. Growth in consumer spending from last year’s Christmas shopping season is a low 3.6%. While it is disappointing, it is not unexpected. Gas prices and economic pressures related to the housing market are major factors. I think another factor was the lack of cool stuff. I am a bit out of the loop, but I can’t think of an iconic must have toy for Christmas 2007. There was a largely failed attempt to get people worked up about a possible Wii shortage. There have to be more buyers than there are items for a shortage to exist.

“If you see one, buy it. Don’t assume that you can come back later and find one.”

On a brighter note, the same report says that online spending for the same period is up 22% from last year.

Sources for this story: NYT, engadget

Suspension of Suspension of Disbelief

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

I was a bit dismayed when I saw a blogger telling a bald faced lie on the official Google blog. If you read the official Google blog and you truly believe that NORAD tracks Santa with Google, I have some news for you. There is no Santa Claus. Your parent or legal guardian wrote that letter from Santa apologizing for not being able to get a Wii

One of the Best Worst Jobs in Canada

Friday, December 21st, 2007

In a lot of ways, I hated tree planting. I spent a season performing this job in Nova Scotia when I was still in high school and I lived the cliché of planting trees in Ontario after my first year of college. This is a job that is almost always paid based on production. I made about half the amount that was printed on the poster that lured me there. I have many interesting stories from those few months. None of them fit well in this business blog.

There is a line in a BareNakedLadies song about not planting trees. The song is called Never is Enough. In a lot of ways, I hate BNL, but that’s a different story.