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Advertising on YouTube Videos

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

So some recently created YouTube videos now have a banner ad that is translucent and comes up across the bottom 15-20% of the video after it begins to play. I saw the same thing on a Revver video, except theirs has a close button, and a text link going out to the advertiser. The Revver video also had a screen with three contextual ads at the end of the video.

Here is an embed of the video that I viewed on Revver this morning. The first ad is actually determined in part by my location on the planet.

I am curious as to whether YouTube will be adding advertising to older videos that may have been embedded by bloggers before this advertising model was initiated.

Back to Revver, I remembered that I had actually uploaded a video to Revver some time ago, I checked and it does have ads at the end now. I am not sure how the revenue sharing works for this. I will update this post if I see any money in the future :)

Edit: While checking my Revver account to see if i had ever made any money, I noted that I had dozens of messages on my dashboard. One of them was an announcement of the new advertising features. It was sent to me back in October of 2007, so this post is not news to anyone who was paying attention.

Second Life Office Space

Monday, January 28th, 2008

I was just checking out a global internship placement agency. I was surprised to see that they have an office on Second Life. Students and companies can sit down for a free consultation in that virtual environment during their regular business hours. I personally wouldn’t feel like I was really doing business in that kind of environment. When I did some research, I found that it really does seem like more of a gimmick than a real business tool. One business even had some over the top stereotypical receptionists.

Second Life has opened an office (IRL) in China. I can’t see Second Life being very successful in that totalitarian state.

I Am Not Anonymous

Monday, January 28th, 2008


I have been critical of scientology in the past on this blog and elsewhere. The organization that sometimes calls itself a religion and sometimes doesn’t is presently under attack by a disorganized group of people who revel in the power of the mob without apology or reflection. The fact that they are focused on a big, bad target at the moment does not make them the good guys. They have been known to wreak havoc on an individual’s online activities and personal privacy for the simple reason that the individual was enjoying what the group perceived as unwarranted celebrity. Another group of people who get attacked are randomly chosen from a list of hacked passwords for MySpace and other social websites.

I am in no way optimistic about their attack on scientology because I know that the group has a very short collective attention span. The only meme that doesn’t get old is complaining about old memes.