Scientology Advertising on YouTube


The image above has been transformed for the purposes of satire (I put the text version of air quotes in all by myself).

Scientology is paying for advertisement on YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google. Google has been criticized in the past for its cooperation with China. Tom Cruise pumped money into China while making Mission Impossible III. Supposedly scientology is committed to making human rights a reality around the World. That must be why their most famous member injected $10 million into a totalitarian country that is the most famous human rights abuser.

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3 Responses to “Scientology Advertising on YouTube”

  1. Stephen Says:

    This is part of what I say on my Yahoo Group ‘Interrupting people is perfectly normal in common day life. Its normal to interrupt people while theyre working, talking or during their leisure time. Finally all this just represents part of the economic process. All this assuming that youre courteous and reasonable on the phone/Net/Face to Face. If one of the 2 or more people cant handle all this, she or he must have a problem. So why shouldn’t this apply to Scientology? If they want to communicate their ideas, why not. All people are free to choose or should we be living in a society which looks after us, surveys what we do and assumes that individuals cannot look after themselves ? Or am I being unfair?

  2. Martin Says:

    I am not making an argument against freedom of speech or freedom of association or freedom of religion. I am arguing that scientology is a negative entity that does harm and that Google should refuse to provide advertising space on YouTube or elsewhere.

  3. Allan Hopkins Says:

    Uh Stephen. Don’t you think that Scientology is the ONLY one that should be heard - and the rest of society should be silent. That’s right “reporter are fair game” or “anyone who attacks Scientology is a criminal”. Gee I guess if I don’t like the idea of bankrupting myself for Operating Thetan courses, becoming a debt slave doing unpaid labor on the Gold Base, or that Body Thetans are attatched to my soul I must be a criminal. How about China? Boy they have a lot of respect for other people’s opinions LOL. YouTube has the choice of wether or not accept somebody’s business. Well they made the wrong choice

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