Blogging Success is Elusive

If you are reading this post, you are a member of a very small group. I was somewhat surprised to see how quickly traffic dropped as soon as I stopped making posts that were relevant to my core readership.

My core readership for the last year has been been people with an interest in the Kimkins scam. I published Part I well over a year ago. I think I would be doing a service to those people by stating that it is very unlikely that I will have anything else to say on the subject.

I am fascinated by people who decide to become full time bloggers. Jimmy Moore is one example. He has a compelling personal story and an engaging personality, but I’m sure that he would tell anyone who asks that his blogging is HARD work. I like to think that I am smart enough and determined enough to become a professional blogger, but I am far too risk averse.

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2 Responses to “Blogging Success is Elusive”

  1. Jimmy Moore Says:

    You do have to take a risk, Martin! Blogging is INDEED very hard work and you have to be consistent to keep an audience. Quality posts with relevant information to your core base of readers is VITAL to making a full-time blogging gig work well for you. Otherwise, don’t expect to reap the benefits if you are unwilling to pay the price it takes to get there.

  2. Martin Says:

    ‘relevant information to your core base of readers’

    Jimmy, that’s exactly it. There was a finite supply of that when it came to the Kimkins thing. One blog that I am going to put some more work into is focused on an environmental issue, specifically reducing our use of plastics. It’s something I care about and there is a ‘personal journey’ aspect.

    I think the magic formula for blogging success goes beyond consistency. I think you have to express views and opinions in an absolute way. That’s something that I drop the ball on a lot. I’m the John Kerry of blogging.

    There are bloggers that I don’t agree with or even like that I read often because they have an extreme view that is provocative.

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