Accidental Blog Traffic

A successful marketing campaign on other media, such as television, can have people flocking to Google with search terms that almost nobody is optimized for. It hasn’t happened to me yet. The Kimkins thing wasn’t an accident. I stumbled upon a blog today that is enjoying a peak in curiosity about ’silencing your rooster’ the site is called DeadRooster and it is just some guy trying to be funny. He owes a debt of gratitude to people who make drugs and create wacky advertising campaigns for them.

I live in a neighborhood with actual roosters and they wake me up sometimes. It’s not funny.

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2 Responses to “Accidental Blog Traffic”

  1. DeadRooster Says:

    Hey Martin,

    The traffic was even better than I thought. After I posted about the accidental traffic I was getting from Silence Your Rooster, the search phrase became the #1 searched phrase on Google; at the same time, my post about it landed on the top of Google’s front page for that search phrase. LOL

    I do have to take issue with something you wrote: I’m not “just some guy trying to be funny.” I’ve actually had my blog featured on CNN and am currently one of the top rated humor blogs on BlogCatalog. Just sayin’…

    Thanks for the mention and keep up the great blog!


  2. Martin Says:


    That’s great that you are getting recognition for your talent. I didn’t mean to besmirch you, I honestly think that all anyone can do is ‘try’ to be funny and reach out to an audience, the rest is up to the audience.

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