Things that don’t Need to be Made in China

I understand that we now live in a global economy. I don’t understand why some items can’t be made by small local businesses and supported by loyal customers based on quality. I was looking around the blogosphere and I saw a picture of a nice freshwater fish caught by a nice lady in some nice American stream or lake…


The trout was over 15 inches long. Congratulations :)

The ruler is made in China.

My parents have a wooden yardstick that was made decades ago in Canada. The three feet of wood contains more than inches, it is also printed with some advertisement. You may still be able to get this kind of thing at a farm supply store, I don’t know.

One exception to the virtual disappearance of small time manufacturing of household items is the washboard. The last washboard company left standing in the USA is doing well. They have a program where they take donations to go towards the cost of sending laundry kits to soldiers. Clean socks are pretty important to a soldier.

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