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Accidental Blog Traffic

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

A successful marketing campaign on other media, such as television, can have people flocking to Google with search terms that almost nobody is optimized for. It hasn’t happened to me yet. The Kimkins thing wasn’t an accident. I stumbled upon a blog today that is enjoying a peak in curiosity about ’silencing your rooster’ the site is called DeadRooster and it is just some guy trying to be funny. He owes a debt of gratitude to people who make drugs and create wacky advertising campaigns for them.

I live in a neighborhood with actual roosters and they wake me up sometimes. It’s not funny.

A Fascist Theocracy?

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Frank Zappa was on CNN back in 1986. He was talking about censorship and he told Robert Novak that the USA was going down a path to becoming a Fascist Theocracy. Robert Novak appeared to be incredulous at the time. In recent years he has been a messenger boy for an administration lead by a guy who calls the constitution a goddamned piece of paper. George Bush is on a mission from God, that’s a bit theocratic. Frank Zappa is dead.

War veteran James Blunt is flying high on the US airwaves (occasionally), while in much of the rest of the World he is fucking high. Recording artists often self censor at the behest of their management in order to be radio friendly. Warning labels help steer responsible parents away from violent, explicit and/or profane music. Many parents who would claim to be responsible let their kids buy video games that have worse content than any music CD.

Trend Spotting

Thursday, August 21st, 2008


Google has so many features and beta bells and whistles that many of us aren’t even aware of some of them. I just discovered the bar graphs in the news archive pages. I randomly picked a search term and then non-randomly chose a term to use for comparison. Apparently news items about Smart Cars have been holding steady in recent years while the Hummer is getting less attention after a peek of interest a few years ago. Both automobiles were introduced in the mid 90s.