Walmart Shoppers Kill Jdimytai Damour

Jdimytai Damour was hired as a temporary worker by Walmart for the busy Christmas season. He was apparently a pretty nice guy. The shoppers that trampled him are assholes, but they will probably escape any adequate retribution because of the nature of mob actions.

The people who run Walmart created the situation and they have a huge corporation to hide behind. Hopefully Damour’s family can get a large settlement from Walmart.

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3 Responses to “Walmart Shoppers Kill Jdimytai Damour”

  1. Danny Boy Says:

    The fact these people continued shopping after the incident , makes you wonder .

  2. Lee Says:

    This incident is just a microcosm of our greed ridden, me first - at any cost, society that we now live in. This mentality must be addressed by those who are in position to make changes. My heart goes out to my neighbor, Mr. Charles, the Father of Mr. Damour.

  3. David Gortler Says:

    I agree, such incident is unfortunate. I hope they got settlement of some sort.


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