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Stop Smelling Markers and Watch this Video !

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Autophiles will want to read this review of an un-killable electric car after watching the video.

Ban Auto Racing

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Banning car racing may seem like a crazy, unspeakable idea to a lot of Americans. They might be surprised to know that there was just such a ban in several countries back in 1955. The ban followed a horrific accident that killed 80 fans. Switzerland didn’t reverse their ban for 52 years.

These days, you have to wonder whether worshiping guys that drive around in circles burning up a fair bit of fossil fuels makes much sense. Thoughts?

Nascar Fans

Used Shoes are Awesome

Friday, November 21st, 2008

With the World Economy in a desperate state, I am picturing lots of people considering cost saving measures that they would have scoffed at a few months ago. I am presently living in a different part of the World with a different economy. Used shoes are sold in surprising quantities around the corner from the main food market. Some are in small shops and some are laid out on carpets on the sidewalk.

I am not an enthusiastic shoe browser, but I have developed an eye for them while keeping a close eye on my shoe obsessed kids. The surprising thing about the used shoe market is the high proportion of very well made shoes. My memories of North America are getting fuzzier, but I seem to recall used shoes being a very stigmatized product. Anybody who would be so gauche as to sell shoes at a yard sale would have to practically give them away. Here, the market value approximates the degree of utility and the style. I have walked about 30 miles in another man’s shoes so far this month and I feel think that I spent my seven bucks wisely.

yellow shoes