Writers Who Blog

I recently read a sentence in a piece of real journalism in which the writer proclaimed his status as a non-blogger. Blogging was a worthy subject but, as far as he saw it, not a worthy endeavor for a writer. You don’t have to look very hard to find journalists who disagree with him.

What got me thinking about the subject of writers who blog was that I started reading a new to me blog and I had become completely immersed in the blog before I even noticed that the author was an accomplished novelist. When I saw the link to her book, I clicked it while anticipating a typical blogger’s best effort at book writing and I was surprised to find an absolutely gripping work of fiction. Actually, it was the first chapter hosted on her site and I am a bit frustrated now because there is virtually no way for me to access the rest of it :(

I am actually considering some kind of barter-type approach to getting an electronic version of the book. I am living in a country with very little access to English language fiction, but there is a lot of neat stuff here that is hard to come by in Montana.

Anyway, I should actually address the supposed subject of this post before I publish it. Writers write. Bloggers blog. Some writers blog. Some Bloggers write.

The End

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