No Nits?

no nitsCan a super strict school policy stop Super Lice? No Nits Policies at schools have tended to result in more missed days of school and in more missed days of work for parents. The policies have been around long enough for some people to say with authority that they don’t work. Here is a rundown of what concerned parties have to say about No Nits Policies


Although having 5 or more nits within one fourth inch of the scalp was a risk factor for conversion, most children with nits alone did not become infested. Policies requiring exclusion from school and treatment for all children with nits alone are likely excessive. Instead, these children may benefit from repeated examination to exclude the presence of crawling lice.*

*PEDIATRICS Vol. 107 No. 5 May 2001, pp. 1011-1015
Lice, Nits, and School Policy


It is the position of the National Association of School Nurses that the management of pediculosis should not disrupt the education process. Children found with live head lice should be referred to parents for treatment. Data does not support school exclusion for nits.*

*From position statement of the National Association of School Nurses

The National Pediculosus Association (they wrote the policy):

The No Nit Policy encourages each family to do its part at home with routine screening, early detection, accurate identification and thorough removal of lice and nits. Establishing consistent guidelines and educating the public about procedures in advance of outbreaks helps minimize inappropriate responses.

Parents are likely to have to deal with lice at least once regardless of what kind of policies their schools choose to implement. To learn how to get rid of Super Lice go to

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