A ‘Same to You’ Plugin

I was searching for WordPress plugins for my blog today. This one isn’t exactly what I was looking for but I was intrigued by the unwritten sentiment behind it.

Add Nofollow searches for links to large websites that use the ‘nofollow’ tags for external links, and puts the same tag on your links to those sites.

Add Nofollow adds ‘nofollow’ tags to websites like Digg, Reddit, Youtube and other large websites that do the same to you.

I know a few people who think like the author of this plugin, Alan Carr.

I am looking for a plugin or some other quick way to add ‘no follow’ to ALL of my old posts. I am 100% sure that my blog is being penalized by Google for my past participation in certain monetized blogging programs. I browsed through my posts last year and deleted a lot of posts that I would not have written if I wasn’t being paid to do so. The irony is that there are dozens and dozens of posts that do not stand out as being paid reviews. My blog is still indexed by Google and my posts still show up prominently on search queries. I think Google basically just takes the Page Rank number that is spit out by their logarithm and subtracts an arbitrary number (3?). Adding ‘no follow’ to all my outgoing links would make things right, I think.

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