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A ‘Same to You’ Plugin

Friday, January 16th, 2009

I was searching for WordPress plugins for my blog today. This one isn’t exactly what I was looking for but I was intrigued by the unwritten sentiment behind it.

Add Nofollow searches for links to large websites that use the ‘nofollow’ tags for external links, and puts the same tag on your links to those sites.

Add Nofollow adds ‘nofollow’ tags to websites like Digg, Reddit, Youtube and other large websites that do the same to you.

I know a few people who think like the author of this plugin, Alan Carr.

I am looking for a plugin or some other quick way to add ‘no follow’ to ALL of my old posts. I am 100% sure that my blog is being penalized by Google for my past participation in certain monetized blogging programs. I browsed through my posts last year and deleted a lot of posts that I would not have written if I wasn’t being paid to do so. The irony is that there are dozens and dozens of posts that do not stand out as being paid reviews. My blog is still indexed by Google and my posts still show up prominently on search queries. I think Google basically just takes the Page Rank number that is spit out by their logarithm and subtracts an arbitrary number (3?). Adding ‘no follow’ to all my outgoing links would make things right, I think.

Smart is the New i

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Does anyone want to predict which product will be the very last one that receives a brand name that starts with a lower case ‘i’?

Perhaps an iToilet? (wow, i looked it up and nerds have been plumbing that joke for a decade)

Maybe an iCoffin? (kinda edgy in a morbid way, it seems that Steve Jobs’ medical leave sparked a bunch of macabre nerds to make prototypes already)


I am hoping that the word Smart takes over as the default prefix for cool new stuff. Smart Cars are great. Smart Wood is a great program.

I’m undecided about SmartHouse. A truly smart company would have invested in good English translations of the their promotional text.

Using the word Smart in your product branding is a great way to sell stuff to people who want to think of themselves as smart. You are not in any way limiting yourself to people who are actually smart. Steve Pavlina’s site is a case in point.

As a child, I was sometimes called Smarty-Marty. I preferred that to Farty-Marty, which was the more popular of the two choices.

Another Non-Youtube Video Host

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

I wrote a rambling post about the attributes of a handful of video sites last year. I just came across another option and it’s main advantage is that it allows members to post LONG videos. Regular members of YouTube are limited to 10 minutes (please correct me if that has changed).

Viddler seems to be populated by quite a few marketers and not much highly entertaining content. The exception may be WineLibraryTV’s content. If wine is your cup of tea, you would most likely enjoy watching a manic presenter tasting wines. He sometimes has interesting guests. WineLibraryTV uploads their content to several video sites in order to cast a wide net for their niche audience. They have a channel on YouTube and they are also on BlipTV.