Great New Feature from SocialOomph

This feature is actually a month or two old. I decided that it was worth writing about after using it for few weeks. SocialOomph’s official name for the feature is update queue but it is being promoted as a drip feed for your Twitter account.

I love this feature because I live in a different time zone from some of my clients. I created three queues for my Twitter account that all drip tweets at different rates. I load one up with topical stuff that I think is of interest to my followers. I load another one up with market specific information that I have found through various sources and I have a third queue that tweets links to my own blog posts. My twitter stream is a good mix of give and take and the tweets drip into the stream at an optimal time of day even though I am asleep. My morning routine is tea and checking Twitter for replies.

SocialOomph can be used to schedule content for several social websites including Facebook.

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