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Present FTC Regulations and

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Here is a concise explanation of what the FTC does, taken from Wikipedia:

The FTC carries out its mission by investigating issues raised by reports from consumers and businesses, pre-merger notification filings, congressional inquiries, or reports in the media. These issues include, for instance, false advertising and other forms of fraud. FTC investigations may pertain to a single company or an entire industry. If the results of the investigation reveal unlawful conduct, the FTC may seek voluntary compliance by the offending business through a consent order, file an administrative complaint, or initiate federal litigation.

Reports from consumers is first in the list of things to which this great big independent government body responds. In the absence of consumer complaints, a misleading online sales pitch can thrive indefinitely. Here is a video tutorial on how to file a complaint with the FTC:

Interestingly, this video recently celebrated its second anniversary an Kimkins is still not in compliance with the current FTC regulations. The FTC has a page of good advice for people shopping for weight loss products and services. Nobody who reads that page carefully will pay for a Kimkins membership but at this point it’s not the careful consumers that we are worried about. If Heidi Diaz had been around in the 1800s, we’d probably be debating whether she had coined the phrase about suckers and their reproductive rates. Kimkins doesn’t comply with the FTC because it simply wouldn’t work. The FTC disapproves of fantastic claims of weight loss and asks instead for typical or average results. Please leave some comments with wording suggestions for the typical results of Kimkins. My suggestion is as follows:

I lost $39.99 in just 3 months!!!

Writers Who Blog

Monday, December 8th, 2008

I recently read a sentence in a piece of real journalism in which the writer proclaimed his status as a non-blogger. Blogging was a worthy subject but, as far as he saw it, not a worthy endeavor for a writer. You don’t have to look very hard to find journalists who disagree with him.

What got me thinking about the subject of writers who blog was that I started reading a new to me blog and I had become completely immersed in the blog before I even noticed that the author was an accomplished novelist. When I saw the link to her book, I clicked it while anticipating a typical blogger’s best effort at book writing and I was surprised to find an absolutely gripping work of fiction. Actually, it was the first chapter hosted on her site and I am a bit frustrated now because there is virtually no way for me to access the rest of it :(

I am actually considering some kind of barter-type approach to getting an electronic version of the book. I am living in a country with very little access to English language fiction, but there is a lot of neat stuff here that is hard to come by in Montana.

Anyway, I should actually address the supposed subject of this post before I publish it. Writers write. Bloggers blog. Some writers blog. Some Bloggers write.

The End

Walmart Shoppers Kill Jdimytai Damour

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Jdimytai Damour was hired as a temporary worker by Walmart for the busy Christmas season. He was apparently a pretty nice guy. The shoppers that trampled him are assholes, but they will probably escape any adequate retribution because of the nature of mob actions.

The people who run Walmart created the situation and they have a huge corporation to hide behind. Hopefully Damour’s family can get a large settlement from Walmart.