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Not Quite Right About Anonymous

Friday, March 21st, 2008

I commented here and there when Anonymous first set their sights on scientology. I suggested that the group would quickly lose interest in their campaign. It appears that they haven’t.

The media attention, however, has pretty much evaporated.

scientology is dealing with the situation with the same tactics that they have been using for years to deal with strong critics. They have named a few ‘Anonymous’ members. Those members will probably have to contend with a campaign of harassment and also litigation.

Scientology: Follow The Money

Friday, February 1st, 2008

There are several third parties who are standing up and condemning the actions taken by Anonymous against scientology. Many of them point to the fact that they are giving scientologists the perfect opportunity to claim that they are experiencing religious persecution. I agree with this argument, and I would like to point out that many countries do not recognize scientology’s claim to be a religion, choosing instead to view scientology as a business enterprise.

In some respects, scientology is very much a multi-level marketing scheme. I was hesitant in writing that because I don’t want to give MLMs a bad name.

I Am Not Anonymous

Monday, January 28th, 2008


I have been critical of scientology in the past on this blog and elsewhere. The organization that sometimes calls itself a religion and sometimes doesn’t is presently under attack by a disorganized group of people who revel in the power of the mob without apology or reflection. The fact that they are focused on a big, bad target at the moment does not make them the good guys. They have been known to wreak havoc on an individual’s online activities and personal privacy for the simple reason that the individual was enjoying what the group perceived as unwarranted celebrity. Another group of people who get attacked are randomly chosen from a list of hacked passwords for MySpace and other social websites.

I am in no way optimistic about their attack on scientology because I know that the group has a very short collective attention span. The only meme that doesn’t get old is complaining about old memes.