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Avoid Fraud this Christmas

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Christmas shopping is a very unique form of consumption. People are compelled by societal, familial and personal expectations to buy all kinds of stuff for other people. There is always a ticking clock and sometimes there are unpleasant crowds of people. Bad decisions will be made. Buying a sweater that is the wrong color is one thing… Giving your credit card information to a criminal is another.

Please read this to familiarize yourself with scams like skimming -

The best way to avoid scams like skimming is to leave your cards at home and use CASH. Don’t have much cash? Let family and friends know that you are having a ‘cash’ Christmas and that they should lower their expectations.

Conspiracy Theory: The Robertson Screwdriver

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

The Robertson Screwdriver is the best in the world. If the world of tools and fasteners were anything like the world of media recording, Robertson would be compact discs and Phillips would be cassettes. Flathead screws would be vinyl records.

For those unfamiliar with screwdrivers…

This is Phillips: +

This is Robertson: ■

What are the market forces and invisible nefarious plots that prevent this system from taking its rightful place as the default screwdriver? I personally think that Knights Templar are behind it. The religious symbolism of the Phillips screw head is undeniable. The next time you are in a church, look around for screws and you will probably see that they are Phillips. The Robertson screwdriver represents progressive secularism and common sense.

Full Circle for Coffee Brewing Technology

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

I find this product interesting and sad at the same time:

Reusable k-cup filter

Keurig revolutionized coffee service with its no mess single serving coffee pods. The downside is that Keurig Coffee Pods produce a lot of solid waste per serving. The solution is to sell people a tiny reusable filter to fill with loose ground coffee. This product works fine, but it is a step backwards that makes you wonder what the step forward was all about to begin with.