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The Real Cost of Super Lice

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

When kids are sent home from school because of head lice, the part of a parent’s brain that is not in full panic/revulsion mode is often busy adding up the inevitable costs. There may be lost wages and various transportation and childcare costs on top of the actual cost of treatment. The last thing that anyone in this position wants to hear is that the treatment might not even work.

More and more lice are becoming resistant to the common insecticidal shampoos. They call them Super Lice and if a poison doesn’t make them go extinct on your child’s head the first time, chances are the 2nd or third try won’t be any better.

My wife and I went through this ordeal. We wasted time and money on the conventional treatments before finding an effective method in an obscure article in a UK medical journal. If you are worried about super lice, check out where you can get a detailed plan of action that is effective, economical and best of all non-toxic.

Research into Super Lice Intensifies

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Isn’t it ironic?

We can’t seem to get rid of lice on the heads of our children and scientists have a devil of a time keeping them alive in the lab. I think it would be wrong for the researchers to make everyday bring your kid to work day. Luckily efforts to create a machine to sustain head lice in vitro have resulted in some success. If you want the gory details, they are in this report.

This project seems to indicate an uptick in research as the result of the increasing occurrence of super lice. If you or your children have super lice right now you aren’t going to sit around waiting for scientists to come up with a miracle cure. You want to get rid of super lice now. is the place to go to learn about an effective, non-toxic method.

Some Schools Relax Policies as Super Lice March On

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

First, three very basic facts about head lice…

  • Head lice have been around since the dawn of Man
  • Man has been trying to get rid of lice with increasingly sophisticated methods throughout history.
  • We still have lice.

Some schools are run by smart people. These days, some school boards are voting to rescind the No Nits policies that have caused more trouble than they are worth. Many other school boards are standing firm with draconian policies.

It doesn’t matter which school of thought your local board ascribes to, if your child has live head lice crawling around on his or her head you are going to have to deal with it at home. I suggest that you do not even bother trying any toxic shampoos. These days, super lice have developed resistance to most popular insecticides. Putting a toxic chemical on your child’s head is not a job that any parent relishes. Finding out that it didn’t work feels horrible. Click on the image below to find out about an effective way to get rid of super lice. It is chemical free and it was tested in my own home a few years ago with excellent results.

super lice