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Writers Who Blog

Monday, December 8th, 2008

I recently read a sentence in a piece of real journalism in which the writer proclaimed his status as a non-blogger. Blogging was a worthy subject but, as far as he saw it, not a worthy endeavor for a writer. You don’t have to look very hard to find journalists who disagree with him.

What got me thinking about the subject of writers who blog was that I started reading a new to me blog and I had become completely immersed in the blog before I even noticed that the author was an accomplished novelist. When I saw the link to her book, I clicked it while anticipating a typical blogger’s best effort at book writing and I was surprised to find an absolutely gripping work of fiction. Actually, it was the first chapter hosted on her site and I am a bit frustrated now because there is virtually no way for me to access the rest of it :(

I am actually considering some kind of barter-type approach to getting an electronic version of the book. I am living in a country with very little access to English language fiction, but there is a lot of neat stuff here that is hard to come by in Montana.

Anyway, I should actually address the supposed subject of this post before I publish it. Writers write. Bloggers blog. Some writers blog. Some Bloggers write.

The End

Used Shoes are Awesome

Friday, November 21st, 2008

With the World Economy in a desperate state, I am picturing lots of people considering cost saving measures that they would have scoffed at a few months ago. I am presently living in a different part of the World with a different economy. Used shoes are sold in surprising quantities around the corner from the main food market. Some are in small shops and some are laid out on carpets on the sidewalk.

I am not an enthusiastic shoe browser, but I have developed an eye for them while keeping a close eye on my shoe obsessed kids. The surprising thing about the used shoe market is the high proportion of very well made shoes. My memories of North America are getting fuzzier, but I seem to recall used shoes being a very stigmatized product. Anybody who would be so gauche as to sell shoes at a yard sale would have to practically give them away. Here, the market value approximates the degree of utility and the style. I have walked about 30 miles in another man’s shoes so far this month and I feel think that I spent my seven bucks wisely.

yellow shoes


Thinking Outside the Box

Monday, June 16th, 2008

I have actually taken a course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I chose my title based on my experience. People who are learning English as adults generally love idioms. This post is mostly a shout out to a school with a very cool advertising campaign. I first saw this video on something called The Pop Culture Translator. This thing is a promotional tool for the Canadian College of English Language.