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Primus Canada is Mean

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

I am spreading the word about an incident involving some very egregious customer service on the part of Primus. My friend’s father was on vacation in the Dominican Republic when he had a medical emergency that required surgery. His departure from that country was delayed and his son flew in from Canada to assist him. This unexpected adverse event required an unusual amount of telephone usage and a exorbitant amount of roaming charges. Shortly after this 75 year old man finally returned to Canada, his telecommunications provider contacted him about the abnormal charges and demanded IMMEDIATE payment.

His bill was not due and he insisted that he wanted to see the bill before he made any payment. Almost immediately after this exchange, they cut off his mobile service, his land line telephone service and his internet service. That’s mean. He made no indication that he was unable or unwilling to pay his bill, he simply wanted to see it in black and white first.

I am not going to make the argument that they can’t do this. They say in careful language on their TOS that they can. Here is the specific statement that seem to cover this situation:

Primus may cancel, suspend or Terminate this Agreement and Your Services and will charge a suspension fee if you present an abnormal risk of loss (including, incurrent a significant amount of billable charges) as determined in Primus’ sole discretion

I have to wonder if they have a policy of pulling this crap on customers that incur large bills because they are a group that is most likely to leave for another carrier. They may want to get that suspension fee before the customers cancel on their own. Cutting off a 75 year old man’s phone service without notice is not something that most of us would do simply because we can.