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So Not Worth It: Failed Experiments in Online Income Generation

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Let me preface this post by saying that I had fun and the customer was very happy with the finished product.

One new opportunity for making money online is called and it is marketed as being fun and social. Basically members are free to make several listings advertising tasks that they are willing to do for $5. As an experiment I listed a whole bunch of these gigs. The amount of time and trouble that each task would entail varied quite a bit. Not surprisingly, it was one of the hardest jobs that finally attracted my first (and so far only) sale. I said that I would write a web address or short message on a beautiful island beach for $5. Here is a breakdown of what this involved…

  • Waiting 20 minutes for the bus (which does NOT go all the way to the beach)
  • Walking 2km to the beach.
  • Spending about 35 minutes placing white stones on the sand to spell out the message.
  • Documenting the end result with photographs and video.
  • Walking ALL THE WAY HOME, about 5km.
  • Editing and uploading the video document.

So yeah, that’s a lot of time and effort for $5. Did I mention that the site take $1 off the top? Oh, and did I mention that I have to build up a minimum of $40 before I can request payment from Fivver?

Home Wind Turbine Power

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Solar power is the belle of the ball when it comes to green energy. You can’t surf the internet for ten minutes without someone trying to give you a free ebook about installing your own solar. Solar panels have quite an Achilles’ heal though. They don’t generate any power at night. Home wind turbine power is a great addition or alternative to solar power. The wind blows day and night. Well engineered wind generators are expected to last for up to 25 years. That’s a lifespan roughly equivalent to that of a typical solar panel.

So why hasn’t home wind turbine power captured as much interest as solar power? There are two potential stumbling blocks. First off, the traditional way to build a system has been to put up a scaled down version of the huge towers that you see on commercial wind farms. Erecting one of these towers is a difficult and expensive task. The other major disadvantage has been the noise generated by the rotors. Some local governments forbid the installation of wind turbines based on their assumption that they will cause too much noise pollution.

Wind power enthusiasts have been refining the technology, making it quieter. Mounting small turbines on residential roofs is a great way to avoid the expense of a tower, but up until recently there has been the problem of noise and vibrations from the turbines resonating through the roof frame.

One innovator was determined to make the roof mounted home wind turbine power idea work. The founder of WindEnergy7 LLC came up with a patented design after building over 100 different prototypes. The patent is on the mounting hardware for these wind turbines. Now homeowners can enjoy the benefits of wind generated electricity without all the noise and without having to install a tower or pole.

WindEnergy7 LLC sells modular wind and solar hybrid kits. As many as three turbines can be installed on one roof, but homeowners can start out with one and still have the option to expand later. When you purchase a kit you are automatically eligible to become a home wind turbines dealer for WindEnergy7 LLC. They provide excellent training and support to their dealers. The goal is to spur a residential wind power revolution. The following video has excerpts of training videos and footage documenting a typical install. Two people can install a wind turbine for the home in just one day.

Fivver: Is This a Sign of Desperate Financial Times?

Monday, April 19th, 2010


While I was looking for REAL substantial online jobs this morning, I saw one that was asking for someone who could clone a website called I was curious so I typed in the url and discovered that it was a site where people could easily list tasks that they were willing to do for $5.

When I was browsing through the site I was shocked by how significant and time consuming some of these tasks were. There are people willing to write high school essays for five dollars and there are people willing to write nasty letters in the voice of Thomas Jefferson for five dollars. Guitarists will create a blistering solo to add to your song for five dollars. Girls will pretend to be your girlfriend on Facebook for five dollars.

As an experiment, I decided to make an Fivver account and post a few gigs. I have no idea if anyone will take me up on these. I tweeted the least embarrassing one and got 60 views but no actual interest.

So, is this a job marketplace?… A social website?… Both?… Neither?…

Someone who is an astute observer of me and my weird personality said that Fivver caught my interest because of my desire to be noticed. I guess any website that manages to capitalize on that fairly common personality trait will thrive, at least until it’s members get distracted by the next venue that promises them the same thing but better.