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Home Wind Turbine Power

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Solar power is the belle of the ball when it comes to green energy. You can’t surf the internet for ten minutes without someone trying to give you a free ebook about installing your own solar. Solar panels have quite an Achilles’ heal though. They don’t generate any power at night. Home wind turbine power is a great addition or alternative to solar power. The wind blows day and night. Well engineered wind generators are expected to last for up to 25 years. That’s a lifespan roughly equivalent to that of a typical solar panel.

So why hasn’t home wind turbine power captured as much interest as solar power? There are two potential stumbling blocks. First off, the traditional way to build a system has been to put up a scaled down version of the huge towers that you see on commercial wind farms. Erecting one of these towers is a difficult and expensive task. The other major disadvantage has been the noise generated by the rotors. Some local governments forbid the installation of wind turbines based on their assumption that they will cause too much noise pollution.

Wind power enthusiasts have been refining the technology, making it quieter. Mounting small turbines on residential roofs is a great way to avoid the expense of a tower, but up until recently there has been the problem of noise and vibrations from the turbines resonating through the roof frame.

One innovator was determined to make the roof mounted home wind turbine power idea work. The founder of WindEnergy7 LLC came up with a patented design after building over 100 different prototypes. The patent is on the mounting hardware for these wind turbines. Now homeowners can enjoy the benefits of wind generated electricity without all the noise and without having to install a tower or pole.

WindEnergy7 LLC sells modular wind and solar hybrid kits. As many as three turbines can be installed on one roof, but homeowners can start out with one and still have the option to expand later. When you purchase a kit you are automatically eligible to become a home wind turbines dealer for WindEnergy7 LLC. They provide excellent training and support to their dealers. The goal is to spur a residential wind power revolution. The following video has excerpts of training videos and footage documenting a typical install. Two people can install a wind turbine for the home in just one day.

Don’t Buy Cut Flowers for Mother’s Day

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

With gifts it’s the thought that counts. When you send someone flowers, do you ever think about where they came from? I haven’t thought that much about it myself. Well, I thought about the fact that they would die and be thrown away within a week, but that’s about it.

Now that I have done some research I am shocked at how the global cut flower industry works. Here are a few points that night make you think twice about buying flowers for your mom.

  • The vast majority of cut flowers sold in the USA are imported from Colombia and Ecuador.
  • During production and packing, South American farmers often use pesticides that are banned in the USA.

  • Researchers have found pesticide residue 300m underground near rose farms.
  • Working conditions on large flower farms have been compared to sweatshops by workers rights groups.
  • Flowers are shipped to Miami by air creating a substantial carbon footprint.
  • The USDA routinely fumigates flowers with toxic chemicals when they arrive in the US.

If your mom is expecting flowers, you can still give her a thoughtful gift. Choose a plant gift delivery company that carries American grown living plants. Your gift will last longer and it won’t have the negative impacts on the environment associated with the global cut flower industry.

Smart is the New i

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Does anyone want to predict which product will be the very last one that receives a brand name that starts with a lower case ‘i’?

Perhaps an iToilet? (wow, i looked it up and nerds have been plumbing that joke for a decade)

Maybe an iCoffin? (kinda edgy in a morbid way, it seems that Steve Jobs’ medical leave sparked a bunch of macabre nerds to make prototypes already)


I am hoping that the word Smart takes over as the default prefix for cool new stuff. Smart Cars are great. Smart Wood is a great program.

I’m undecided about SmartHouse. A truly smart company would have invested in good English translations of the their promotional text.

Using the word Smart in your product branding is a great way to sell stuff to people who want to think of themselves as smart. You are not in any way limiting yourself to people who are actually smart. Steve Pavlina’s site is a case in point.

As a child, I was sometimes called Smarty-Marty. I preferred that to Farty-Marty, which was the more popular of the two choices.