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Why Men Can Fight Food Urges Better Than Women

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Everybody is blogging about today’s health science news item. It seems that women’s brains are not as effective as men’s brains at suppressing food urges. I read through a couple of media interpretations of these findings and they both highlight suggestions that pregnancy hormones may play a role. I can see how that makes sense, but I also want to suggest something completely different.

I think it’s possible that there has been an evolutionary advantage to having men resist the urge to eat things. They have been the strongest and largest of the genders since before we were even people. A short list of foods that a caveman might not have been able to resist include food intended for babies, babies and mothers. The caveman that was able to resist eating this stuff had a better chance of passing on his genes.

Mississippi Debates A Law Against Feeding Fat People

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Mississippi has more than its share of obese people. One politician is raising awareness of the problem by making an indecent proposal to enact a law that would force restaurant owners to refuse to serve the obese.

His colleagues aren’t happy about the bill and there has never been any chance of it passing.

There are analogous situations. Bar owners in many areas cannot serve patrons alcohol if they are intoxicated. Obviously that law is ignored to some extent. Drinkers would not be able to make an accusation of discrimination in the same way that obese people could if Mississippi actually tried to play nanny state in such a ridiculous fashion.

Source for this post: AP

Today’s Header Color…not lovin’ it

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007


So my header today is as close as I could get to the colors commonly used for packaging and promotions for McDonald’s.

I had a quick look at their site and I noticed that they include a couple of pages from qualified experts on health and diet. Dean Ornish is one of these experts. These pages are essentially a platform for the promotion of good diet and health. They do not endorse any particular McDonald’s product. They do not promote the restaurant in any way and seem to have very sound facts and advice.