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Why Men Can Fight Food Urges Better Than Women

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Everybody is blogging about today’s health science news item. It seems that women’s brains are not as effective as men’s brains at suppressing food urges. I read through a couple of media interpretations of these findings and they both highlight suggestions that pregnancy hormones may play a role. I can see how that makes sense, but I also want to suggest something completely different.

I think it’s possible that there has been an evolutionary advantage to having men resist the urge to eat things. They have been the strongest and largest of the genders since before we were even people. A short list of foods that a caveman might not have been able to resist include food intended for babies, babies and mothers. The caveman that was able to resist eating this stuff had a better chance of passing on his genes.

People Don’t Forget

Monday, January 12th, 2009

While I was reading some online information about how American clothing labels get their stuff manufactured in Chinese sweatshops I started noticing something. All the sites that I was visiting looked very dated. This issue was a cause du jour several years ago . An undated PBS web page linked to a very impressive chart showing the wages and conditions at various factories as well as what fashion house they were working for. That chart had a date at the bottom, it was made in 1998.

The lack of freshness of the info is best illustrated by the fact that one of the main targets for criticism was Kathy Lee Gifford. For all I know she could be working in a sweatshop by now. When I googled a few factory names, I saw the dated information being paraphrased or quoted in blogs from this century. The manufacturing industry of China is huge, I am not even going to pretend to know whether the situation is better or worse today. I am pretty sure that things are not exactly the same as they were in 1998.

The thing that bothers me about this situation is that companies that respond to criticism by cleaning up their acts deserve to have the positive changes acknowledged. It seems like having ten year old facts used against them would be a disincentive.

On the bright side, hopefully new corporations understand that unethical practices can result in decades worth of negative word of mouth.

Hoarding/Cluttering and Compulsive Eating Help

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Catherine, my partner in marriage, life and all that stuff has just launched a website. The site is called Nurturing Hope and it is reaching out to people who are grappling with the issues of hoarding/cluttering and compulsive eating. Catherine is making these issues her life’s work. Check out her personal story of recovery from morbid obesity and hoarding (with BEFORE and AFTER pics).

Our life together started back in 2002. The first time that she came to visit me at my house, she was relieved to discover that I had a cluttered home. In a strange coincidence, we both had entrance hallways that were missing drywall on the ceilings as the result of second story bathroom repairs. We shared a cluttered home together for quite a while before Catherine began to make lifestyle tweaks that gradually changed her health and our home for the better. While I played an active role in some of the strategies to battle the clutter, I have been pretty much an onlooker with her weight loss.

Catherine is the love of my life and seeing her make dramatic improvements to her health and to our home life has been a joyful experience. The thought of her being an agent of positive change in the lives of other people is pretty neat :)