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People Still Ask Jeeves?

Monday, January 19th, 2009


Jeeves was a fictional character created by what has become an ‘also ran’ in the cut throat business of search. He served a vital purpose to search because he encouraged participation by people who didn’t quite get the concept of search query. His influence is still felt today even though he retired years ago.

When I was checking stats on my environmental blog this morning I saw evidence of this phenomenon. Somebody asked Google what is the best choice for a toilet seat molded wood or plastic? I know that ranking number one for that query is not going to bring me much traffic, but it’s kinda cool that the person posing the question can get a relevant answer. I have to wonder if they got a more relevant answer than they would have if they had used conventional search query logic.

Egg Basket: Help People Find Your Images

Monday, January 5th, 2009

I include images on my site mostly for aesthetic reasons. I don’t want my blog to look boring. That is not the only reason. I noticed a long time ago that ‘readers’ end up on my site via Google Image search. Every now and then I will get a spike of traffic on this or other blogs all because a particular image has risen to the first page of a popular search.

I recently got thousands of hits from people looking for animated images of Christmas trees. That traffic has inexplicably tailed off in recent weeks. People may be hunting around on the internet for pictures of egg baskets soon…

egg basket

Trademarks in a Global Village

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Multinational companies fight hard to protect their trademarks. If your name is McDonald and you think you have every right to open up a restaurant with your name on it, think again.

But the big boys choose their battles. I have lived in a few very small overseas markets in recent years and I have observed many cases of flagrant appropriation of trademarked images and names. I considered devoting a whole blog to the subject, but I stopped myself after worrying about the possibility that these mom and pop places were being left alone as an oversight rather than a conscious decision.

I have decided to use this photograph for this post because it is from a country that I may never visit…