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iPhone Opens up to Third Parties in 2008

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

The iPhone was developed in secrecy and the third party applications that were available before the 1.1.1. software update were not welcomed by Apple. I don’t know if any writers will say that the ’soon’ to arrive software development kit is a change of heart, but if they do they will be wrong. The timing of some actions by Apple may have been driven by emotion to some slight degree, but the stages are cold calculated marketing. I think that the promise of future development of applications that do not void warranty may make users less inclined to try underground apps.

iPhones are Vulnerable to Hacking

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

According to a blogger on Wired, one of the unique things about the iPhone is that if a hacker can can access to one application of an iPhone, gaining access to everything on the phone is easy. Some of the potential malice he described is like something from a movie. Imagine if someone can gain remote access to you phone and execute a command that makes the phone take pictures and send them back to the hacker. If I had an iPhone…which I do NOT…I would be putting some kind of make shift lens cover on that puppy right about now. Of course, a hacker can also use malicious code to turn your phone into a listening device. I’m guessing that these real time Spy Versus Spy type applications won’t be used by private citizens that much. The kids will probably just steal you text message history and list of phone numbers.

Greenpeace Says iPhone is Toxic

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

iphoneI was just talking about cell phone recycling today. Now the news comes out that Greenpeace has deemed the iPhone to be toxic. One of their main problems with the phone is that the design is an obstacle to easy recycling of the battery. They also strongly disapprove of the lead soldering that exists inside these phones. Government bodies in the USA and the UK have approved the phone with reference to environmental standards.

I have not always agreed with everything that Greenpeace does, but I am happy to see them calling Apple on this. Companies who act like the leaders of an industry need to walk the walk.