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Virtual Flowers for Mother’s Day?

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

I guess there might be some mothers out there who would appreciate virtual flowers on their smartphone. I don’t know any of them. If you haven’t already gotten your wife and/or mother suitable plant gifts, I think your time is better spent cooking and/or cleaning :)

Happy Mother’s Day

Don’t Buy Cut Flowers for Mother’s Day

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

With gifts it’s the thought that counts. When you send someone flowers, do you ever think about where they came from? I haven’t thought that much about it myself. Well, I thought about the fact that they would die and be thrown away within a week, but that’s about it.

Now that I have done some research I am shocked at how the global cut flower industry works. Here are a few points that night make you think twice about buying flowers for your mom.

  • The vast majority of cut flowers sold in the USA are imported from Colombia and Ecuador.
  • During production and packing, South American farmers often use pesticides that are banned in the USA.

  • Researchers have found pesticide residue 300m underground near rose farms.
  • Working conditions on large flower farms have been compared to sweatshops by workers rights groups.
  • Flowers are shipped to Miami by air creating a substantial carbon footprint.
  • The USDA routinely fumigates flowers with toxic chemicals when they arrive in the US.

If your mom is expecting flowers, you can still give her a thoughtful gift. Choose a plant gift delivery company that carries American grown living plants. Your gift will last longer and it won’t have the negative impacts on the environment associated with the global cut flower industry.