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I am Not a Leader of Men

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Last Monday, I was on a train reading a newly purchased copy of Death of a Salesman. I can only vaguely remember reading it in school and I was surprised and a bit creeped out at its relevance.

There have been many of Pop Culture References made to this award winning play. I spotted one that hasn’t been cataloged in Wikipedia. One of my least favorite bands, Nickelback, has a song called Leader of Men. One line of lyrics echoes Biff Lomans rebuke of his father’s American Dream.

I am Not a Leader of Men

If Biff and Willy Loman were real, they would probably be a bit disheartened to find that Nickelback has pushed them all the way to the 4th page of a Google query for this line. I know I am.

Death isn’t current enough to be effectively used a metaphor for the American political scene or the present economic crisis but I hope that somebody close to GWB makes some kind of Biff remark that he won’t get.

This is What it Sounds Like…

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

…When Prince complains.


I wanted to listen to an acoustic cover of Purple Rain on YouTube today. I found out that Prince and his record company have silenced all the videos (or forced the uploaders to silence them).

One resourceful guy who had produced an instructional video on how to play the song simply put an off-site link to his audio in the description.


Over the last few years, many musical artists have reacted to the copyright infringing reality in different ways. Radiohead let people pay whatever they wanted for their recent release. Metallica sued Napster and also some universities.

Some artists that are not in the mainstream have tried adding personal extras to albums that are purchased legally.

If you NEED to listen to a Prince song, you can do a keyword search and then sort your results by the date added. Prince has to sleep sometime.

A Fascist Theocracy?

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Frank Zappa was on CNN back in 1986. He was talking about censorship and he told Robert Novak that the USA was going down a path to becoming a Fascist Theocracy. Robert Novak appeared to be incredulous at the time. In recent years he has been a messenger boy for an administration lead by a guy who calls the constitution a goddamned piece of paper. George Bush is on a mission from God, that’s a bit theocratic. Frank Zappa is dead.

War veteran James Blunt is flying high on the US airwaves (occasionally), while in much of the rest of the World he is fucking high. Recording artists often self censor at the behest of their management in order to be radio friendly. Warning labels help steer responsible parents away from violent, explicit and/or profane music. Many parents who would claim to be responsible let their kids buy video games that have worse content than any music CD.