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The Real Cost of Super Lice

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

When kids are sent home from school because of head lice, the part of a parent’s brain that is not in full panic/revulsion mode is often busy adding up the inevitable costs. There may be lost wages and various transportation and childcare costs on top of the actual cost of treatment. The last thing that anyone in this position wants to hear is that the treatment might not even work.

More and more lice are becoming resistant to the common insecticidal shampoos. They call them Super Lice and if a poison doesn’t make them go extinct on your child’s head the first time, chances are the 2nd or third try won’t be any better.

My wife and I went through this ordeal. We wasted time and money on the conventional treatments before finding an effective method in an obscure article in a UK medical journal. If you are worried about super lice, check out where you can get a detailed plan of action that is effective, economical and best of all non-toxic.

My Big Fat Rant About Single Issue Politics

Friday, January 9th, 2009

A popular Fat Acceptance blogger recently expressed their dismay at Barack Obama’s probable choice for the Surgeon General.

Sanjay Gupta is best known as a reporter for CNN. The Big Fat Blog doesn’t hate Sanjay because he made his share of mistakes as a reporter (maybe even some bias because the drug companies were indirectly filling his pockets). It’s not because he is beautiful. It certainly isn’t because he performed life saving brain surgery on a soldier in Iraq.

The Big Fat Blog has a problem with Dr. Gupta because Dr. Gupta sees obesity as a problem. I have to wonder how many of the commentators on The Big Fat Blog would have been willing to vote against Obama if his choice for Surgeon General had been on the table before November. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that some of them voted against Obama because of his skinniness.

Before I could publish this rant, I had to look at the facts enough to decide for myself if Dr. Sanjay Gupta was an appropriate choice for the post. I made up my mind after reading about what exactly a Surgeon General does. To me it seems like many of his critics are implying that Gupta would be creating and administering policies and that is really not the case. Some of them may be worried that he will start putting bold black and white warning labels on stretch pants.

Hoarding/Cluttering and Compulsive Eating Help

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Catherine, my partner in marriage, life and all that stuff has just launched a website. The site is called Nurturing Hope and it is reaching out to people who are grappling with the issues of hoarding/cluttering and compulsive eating. Catherine is making these issues her life’s work. Check out her personal story of recovery from morbid obesity and hoarding (with BEFORE and AFTER pics).

Our life together started back in 2002. The first time that she came to visit me at my house, she was relieved to discover that I had a cluttered home. In a strange coincidence, we both had entrance hallways that were missing drywall on the ceilings as the result of second story bathroom repairs. We shared a cluttered home together for quite a while before Catherine began to make lifestyle tweaks that gradually changed her health and our home for the better. While I played an active role in some of the strategies to battle the clutter, I have been pretty much an onlooker with her weight loss.

Catherine is the love of my life and seeing her make dramatic improvements to her health and to our home life has been a joyful experience. The thought of her being an agent of positive change in the lives of other people is pretty neat :)