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Is scientology Recycling the 80’s PR Campaign of the Mormons?

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

I’m writing this post after noticing that Google put an ad for The Way to Happiness on my blog. I’m not pointing at it, just alluding to it ;)

The only good thing I have to say about the Corporation of scientology is that they have helped internet advertising limp along through this recession. You may not notice all of their ads, because they conceal the fact that they are behind various entities. I may see more scientology ads because I am in a geographic location where the ad space is cheap.

The Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints morality plays that aired on TV throughout my youth had some very similar messages to scientology’s present pushing of The Way To Happiness. scientology is NOT the way to happiness. I would say that anyone who is measurably happier because of it is the exception rather than the rule. The arch enemies of scientology, psychiatrists, arguably have a better record as far as increasing happiness.

Scientology Advertising on YouTube

Saturday, April 19th, 2008


The image above has been transformed for the purposes of satire (I put the text version of air quotes in all by myself).

Scientology is paying for advertisement on YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google. Google has been criticized in the past for its cooperation with China. Tom Cruise pumped money into China while making Mission Impossible III. Supposedly scientology is committed to making human rights a reality around the World. That must be why their most famous member injected $10 million into a totalitarian country that is the most famous human rights abuser.

A Double Standard Concerning Terrorism

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

I was surprised to read that Joe Scarborough had a successful career as a congressman after trying to offer pro bono representation to a terrorist who shot and killed an abortion doctor. The judge at the criminal trial refused to allow it because of his inexperience in criminal defense law. His motivations were based on his pro-life views. I am willing to assume that since he was by no means the best lawyer available, there was self interest and self aggrandizement at play as well. I am not implying that anybody is ever undeserving of a vigorous defense. Joe’s volunteering was something else.

Joe Scarborough is now a controversial broadcaster. I don’t know what his response would be to a question about his views on people who side with terrorists in the present socio-political climate.

I was able to find one transcript that supports my argument that there is a double standard. Terrorism is abominably wrong even if you agree with the viewpoint of the terrorist.